yard and garden organization

Organizing Your Yard & Garden


yard and garden organization

As Spring is upon us, so is Spring cleaning. Your yard and outside of your house is one of the first things many people think of when it comes to this. So let’s talk about organizing your yard and garden. Your yard is the first impression of your home. This space can be seen by anyone who drives or walks by. My family has always taken their yard and garden very seriously. So, when my husband and I built our home, I took our yard very seriously. I learned many lessons right off the bat: don’t spend too much money, don’t plant anything you don’t have time for and perennials are my friend.

Make sure to survey your yard and garden, understand what you have, don’t have and may need before starting a project. Clean everything outside that would need it. Such as: windows, gutters and downspouts, pull weeds, sweep porches and decks and throw anything out that is broken or unused. My best advice for organizing your yard and garden is to keep in mind how much time you have to spend in this area in the future. Don’t plant more than you can maintain.

Here are some tips for organizing your yard and garden:

  • Before planting your garden bed, make a sketch of what you want it to look like and where everything should go. This will help you select the most attractive flowers for your yard.
  • Schedule a yard work day at the end of each season to take care of all those seasonal responsibilities at one time.
  • Shop Thursdays and Fridays for your plants and gardening supplies to get the best selection.
  • Instead of raking leaves up in autumn, mow over them with a bagging mower. It will remove all the leaves and make great compost for your garden.

You can read more about yard and garden organization and get a copy of my book here.

Jennifer Ford Berry

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