bagless vacuum cleaner

Tip to Freshen Up Your Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

bagless vacuum cleaner

For years I have been annoyed that even when I wash out my bag less vacuum cleaner it still smells!  No matter how long I let all of the pieces dry out, the vacuum would smell like a wet dog (and we don’t even own a dog)!  

I was just about to go out and buy a new vacuum cleaner when I had an idea pop into my head.  

I absolutely love the smell of the Downy Unstopables, so I decided to shake about a dozen into the canister.   I held my breath as I turned it on and WA-LA a fresh smelling vacuum again!  Now every time I clean, the entire room smells fresh!  

If you too have been struggling with this little household annoyance…Enjoy!

Jennifer Ford Berry


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