My Goal to Be a Better Mom


I want to be a better mom.  Each day I go to bed feeling like I gave it my best in regards to work and my career but I am sad and a little ashamed to say that I don’t always feel like I gave it my best as a mother.

I am a very goal oriented person.  If I set a goal I strive for it.  The hardest part is setting the goal in the first place.  So the other night I committed myself to a new goal: to become a better mother.

Now you may be wondering what kind of mother I am now?  I will tell you…I am a good mother in the fact that I make sure my kids eat healthy, get plenty of sleep, are doing well in school and feel like they can come to me about anything.  I love them more than life itself and treat them with love, compassion and respect. And you better believe I am really good at teaching them how to organize.  Do I beat my kids? No.  Do I call them names? No.  Am I doing anything really wrong? No.

I will admit I don’t like playing.  My mother once admitted to me that she disliked playing too and in fact never played with us.  I turned out all right so I was happy that my mother was so open, it helped lessen my own guilt.  Don’t get me wrong, I play cards and board games, the Wii or basketball with my kids but in general I really avoid playing.  My husband on the other hand is an amazingly playful parent. He LOVES to play (thank God).

So yes, I would say in general I am a good mom. My husband would say I am a great mom.  Hopefully my kids would too.  But personally I know I can be a BETTER mom.  My kids are now 7 & 10.  It seems like a week ago they were 2 & 5 (one of my favorite times).  I blinked and now that time is gone.  Now that they are 7 & 10 life is definitely easier.  They brush their own teeth, they can get their own snacks, they get up for school, dress themselves and make their own breakfast and on the weekends they never wake me up if they get up first …pretty amazing huh?  On one hand this new “easier” life is awesome.  I am finally getting a little bit of a break!  But on the other hand, I think their new “self-sufficient-ness” is making me a little lazier.  And since I don’t have to DO everything for them I feel like I spend less time with them.  This scares me….what will happen when they are 16 & 19?  I REALLY won’t have much time with them.

Quite frankly I am afraid to blink again…for fear that when I do 7 & 10 will be a distant memory.  This is my real reason for this post.  I am committing to being a better mom.  Committing to living in the moment more and to enjoy each moment I spend with them.  I  have made the decision to find something small or big I can do each day to ensure that when I look back on these days I will know in my heart that I was not just a good mom but the very BEST mom I could be.

Do you feel like you are the BEST mom you can be?  If so, what do you do each day to prove this?  If not, how do you think you can improve?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Jennifer Ford Berry

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Hi there! I am Jennifer Ford Berry or some people like to call me "Life's Organization Expert". I am super passionate about helping people get organized and stay that way! I have written a series of books called Organize Now! I contribute my organizing tips to National magazines, radio and TV shows. I am here to help you realize that your life is not about is about living! YOU can live an organized, healthy and exciting life one baby step at a time. Let me show you how!

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  1. JenniferFordBerry
    JenniferFordBerry says:

    Another honest mom…I love it! Glad you like the personal touch here Michelle…sometimes it is hard to be so honest but I am glad I opened the door bc I now know many other moms feel the same way! I agree it is about the time. But I am trying to remember it doesn’t always have to be BIG things together…the little things count too 🙂

  2. MichelleK
    MichelleK says:

    Oh my… a post that truly hits home! I am another – “I don’t like to play” Mom. What do I like? I like to read and can do that with my son’s to encourage them… I like to be pampered and have learned that my daughter does too…LOL… so I think it is all about TIME and it really doesn’t matter what you do with them as long as you are doing SOMETHING with THEM!!!! What a terrific reminder to us all and a great “personal” view!! Thanks Jen!!

  3. JenniferFordBerry
    JenniferFordBerry says:

    Thank you Lisa! I really appreciate your honesty too 🙂 Maybe if our group here is honest we will inspire others to to the same! A day after I wrote this post I actually jumped in the leaves with my kids. It was hard getting out the door and leaving all the work behind but you know what it was a great memory!! And I felt good about doing it. Maybe we just need to “fake it until we make it”. 🙂

  4. Lisa Littlewood
    Lisa Littlewood says:

    I appreciate this post Jennifer– and your honest admission that you don’t like to play!!! I DON”T EITHER and feel SOOOO guilty about it sometimes. I see these other moms at the park making up great running/chasing games on the spot and I think…”oh man, that looks like a lot of…energy!” I suppose it’s something we have to strive to do more of simply because we love our kids. I’m fortunate to have a playful husband too!

    I think being a mom is ALWAYS a process in which we are learning and growing right along with your kids! I have so many ways I’d like to be a better mom too!

  5. JenniferFordBerry
    JenniferFordBerry says:

    Thank you for your comment Jen! I am SO glad I am not the only one that feels this way 🙂 I always believe that most mothers are the same at our core but it helps to have support on this journey!!

  6. Jen
    Jen says:

    Thanks Jennifer for your thoughts! I’m right there with you….every bit you say. I feel I give my kids my all but I KNOW I can be better. Just like you I don’t play with my kids as much as my husband loves to do. My kids also are around your kids age and it scares me that I’m not taking or took every opportunity to be a better mom to them. I can cry just thinking about that. BUT I know I can make a difference now and prioritize as I should. Thanks again for your honesty and sharing your thoughts.

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