be still and know that I am God

What If I Stopped Working So Hard and Just Learned To Be Still?

Be Still

I have to admit I have taken a small hiatus from blogging.  It was no longer fun to write about organizing…I organize all of the time, it comes easy to me I am tired of writing about how to organize this and organize that!  My soul longs to write about things that have a deeper meaning.  Deeper than storage containers and labels and proper placement…I want to talk about LIVING, LEARNING and LOVING!  

BUT, today I was thinking about the clutter in my own life…interesting.  I have always said ” Clutter comes in all shapes and sizes”.  

Lately I feel more alive than ever! I don’t know if it is paying closer attention to my spirit, turning 40 (yes I admit on April 19) or God at work but I feel it intensely every single day.  For this I am so grateful!  I am giving it time to grow, time to spend with it and you know what it feels REALLY good!  

In order to do this, I had to sloooowww down…which in all honesty is really not easy for me.  I have realized that if I am quiet and slow for too long I am afraid that I am not working enough, not striving enough, trying my hardest…but for what? ? To be more successful? To make more money? To make “my mark”?

But what if…..what if….I did nothing and let God take over?  

Would he help me “make my mark”?  

Would he take me on a new path?

A more authentic path? One that would enable me to REALLY allow me to do HIS work?

Isn’t that what we are all striving for? Really?  

What if, in order to ingite this powerful concept it meant I had to give up control?  Me the planner, the organizer, the boss, the girl that loved being in control….lol scary right!?  

Then what would happen?  

Doing so would force me to give up some clutter, ways I spend my time that may not really change things…I consider these clutter.  

What if I didn’t Tweet? Post on Facebook? Spend time promoting myself and my businesses as much?

That would be the demise of my career wouldn’t it?

I mean after all I am an entrepreneur with a marketing major!!! I work for MYSELF! If I don’t do it nobody else will!  Scary indeed….. LOL  Many of this “clutter”  is just an obligation that no longer gives me joy anyways.  So does this mean I am just being lazy or would this really be a better plan?

What if I was just still?  What if I stopped and listened more?  Would something better happen?

What do you think? (oh wise 10 readers) 🙂 What if I stopped working so hard and just learned to be still??


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