Cancer Sucks

The past few months have really been a roller coaster ride.  For starters, my Dad was diagnosed with cancer in November.  It was three days after my sister’s wedding when we got the news.  We were devastated.  Life without my Dad in it was unimaginable.  The scariest part was that he was to have a scan done to see if the cancer had already spread.  I will never forget the day we waited and waited and waited for those results.  Finally, they came…the cancer was contained to one area!  Thank you Lord.  We were so relieved.  Even though we had a long road to go we still had our hope…we could beat this!  Well, shortly after the New Year my Dad had surgery and although he has had a difficult recovery I am thrilled to say that he is now cancer FREE! 

Two days before I found out my Dad had beat the cancer I had another terrible call, this time from someone I have been friend’s with since 1st grade.  Her 9 year old little boy has a brain tumor.  A total shock and hard to absorb.  My poor friend was devastated and scared to death.  As a parent I could only imagine what she was going through and because I could only imagine I knew I was one of the lucky ones.  My friend listens to a local radio-a-thon every year and cries.  Within a week she happened to be at this very hospital getting tests done on her son and ended up on this radio-a-thon.  Days later her son went in for an eight hour brain surgery.  Seeing all of those children being wheeled around on beds, some crying for their mom, some hiding under a blanket…absolutely broke my heart.  Waiting with my friend while she tried not to panic until the doctor came out with some news, broke my heart more.  Finally, this mother got the answer she prayed for…he was out of surgery and doing well.  A few days ago my friend received the best news she has heard in weeks…the tumor was benign, not cancer.  Eventhough her son has a VERY long road ahead of him, living without his pituitory gland that the tumor took, we thank God that he doesn’t have to fight cancer too.

A week ago my husband’s grandfather passed away in his chair while watching golf.  He has suffered many medical conditions over the past years including cancer. It literally took over his body.

Cancer…one scary word and you know what? Cancer sucks! It seems to be affecting people I know everywhere.  It doesn’t matter their age or their race.  It is a horrible, horrible word I wish nobody had to hear.  But I have to admit this ugly little word has been teaching me and in some cases reminding me of some important life lessons:

-Good things DO come out of bad situations. 

-You can never take one healthy day on this earth for granted.

-I could not make it through this world without my family, friends and faith in God.

-Children should be cherished.

-Prayers do get answered.

-I still hate cancer.

Fight cancer by supporting a cause.  Here are some great examples of what is out there:

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

American Cancer Society

Susan G Komen

Basket of Hope


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  1. MichelleK
    MichelleK says:

    Jen – You have turned over a “I am going to get personal” leaf and your writing is amazing! LOVE that you are the strong, awesome, woman who can write about it!!

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