Loving Someone You Have Never Met

Well, any day I will have a brand new niece or nephew! Every time I get a call or a text from my sister or brother-in-law I am filled with excitement and anticipation, only to see another picture of the belly or to find out there has been no change!!

I am the oldest of the 3 girls and the ONLY one with kids! I have hoped and prayed that one of my sisters would have children before mine were teenagers. Luckily, my middle sister got married last summer and has taken my advice and wasted NO time getting pregnant! Ever since the day she told me she was pregnant I have been ridiculously excited (and emotional)!!! I have also had a major revelation…just like when I was pregnant with my own children, I LOVE this baby already! Isn’t it the most amazing thing when you can actually love someone you have never met!?

This “Aunt Stuff” is going to be great! My husband and I can hardly wait to watch the baby, love the baby, spoil the baby and then… give it back! With this baby we only have to focus on all of the fun things and none of the “raising the baby” things that we have to do with our own kids! Nope this is going to be fantastic! LOL

So, on with my day, wondering, along with the rest of my family, will this be the day our new baby will come into this world? (And will today be the day I can finally book my flight to NYC)! LOL

I’ll keep you posted 🙂

Marriage: My Thoughts.

Well, I am excited to announce that my husband and I are celebrated our ten year wedding anniversary this week.I remember thinking about this day when we were first married. Wondering what would happen in our lives between then and now? Where would we be living? Would we have kids? What would they be? What would they look like? How would our relationship change? Would we still be together? In Love?But most of all, I would think about this anniversary and know that when the day came, if we were still happily married, how PROUD I would be. Well, it’s here and I am proud. Prouder than I thought I would be. Why? Well, for one, I come from a long line of happily married couples. Couples that were high school sweethearts, just like us (must be in the blood to fall in love young). LOL.

Over the past two years my hubby and I have had many close friends and A LOT of acquaintances separate or divorce. I don’t know why we are surrounded by it so much. I have to wonder if it is our age. We are at the age when most of us our out of the newlywed stage and the infant stage. Two very exciting times in a marriage that don’t last. Or maybe it is just our society thinking that marriage is suppose to be a smooth, exciting ride? Even so the end of any marriage truly saddens me. Especially when children are involved. It breaks my heart when those close to me have endure this.

This has lead to me spending a lot of time thinking about marriage. Why do some marriages last forever and some don’t? What are the REAL reasons why love ends between two people? Can a marriage really be saved? There are many answers to these questions I would still love to learn. But I have come up with a few opinions after hours on the phone with my crying girlfriends.

1) Marriage takes work! And a lot of it.

2) Communication is everything! One little resentment can snow ball into literally no longer caring for a person if you let it.

3) NOBODY likes to fight. If you are holding in your feelings to avoid an argument, it is better to let it out and fight now rather than fight over the same issues for 30 years.

4) Don’t take your marriage or your spouse for granted. Any marriage can end. After two years of receiving phone calls of our friends having our problems, I can no longer be surprised by who will be next. I really thought some of these couples had a close to perfect marriage.

5) If you can’t be yourself with your spouse, chances are you will not be happy in your relationship.

Jennifer Ford Berry

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to each of you!
May God bless you with a joyful, peaceful holiday filled with friends, family, love and the true spirit of the season. I am thankful for each and every one of you that read this blog and are following what I have to say. It sure has been fun so far!
My family and I are on are way to spend Christmas Eve with my in laws. Then we will come home and spread reindeer food on the lawn and get the kids to bed. Tomorrow morning we will head over to my parents in our pajamas after we open presents from Santa and each other. Later we will head to my Aunt”s house. Luckily they all live close by. I have had enough years of traveling during this time of year and feel lucky to be home once again. BTW, it has stopped snowing up here in New York-for now.
Don”t forget you can track Santa -my kids love it! And don”t forget to take a deep breath and a break from the chaos, to live in the moment and remember why this day is here. Thank you God!
Merry Christmas!
Love, The Berry Family