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Donna McLain on The Essential 5 Foundations for Life

Donna McLain

I met Donna McLain after she asked me to speak at the Balanced Life Intensive.  We had so much fun interacting that I HAD to ask her to come on The 29 Minute Mom podcast as my guest.  I am so glad I did because she is a wealth of information if you want to get healthy!

Donna McLain is a life coach and founder of the Essential 5™ Foundations of Life.  She is passionate about sharing these 5 foundations to empower people to transform to the best, healthy, balanced version of themselves!

She is committed to helping others achieve vibrant health.  In this podcast Donna tells us how to be aware of our thoughts, choose food that nourishes our body, engage in physical activity that is fun, uncover the underlying beliefs that have been guiding our life and how to find emotional balance in relationships.  Donna helps us create the life God wants for us: a full, vibrant, abundant life!

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15 minutes for your spirit

15 Minutes in the Morning for Your Spirit {Podcast}

Episode 4: 15 Minutes For Your Spirit

Do you wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed and you haven’t even gotten out of bed or had a cup of coffee? Instead of grabbing your phone and scrolling through social media while lying in bed, feed your spirit with goodness and take 15 minutes to connect with God and your faith reading a devotional, a few passages from the bible, a spiritual book that lifts you up to start your day.

In episode 4 of The 29 Minute Mom we discuss ways to take 10 or 15 minutes each morning before chaos begins to connecting with your spirit and how doing this has impacted our busy lives for the better.

So pour a cup of coffee and enjoy our 15 Minutes For Your Spirit podcast. It’s fun and uplifting and is full of information and ideas to help you start your day on a positive note. This is one you don’t want to miss!

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Mental Clutter: 5 Steps to Tackle It

mental clutter

Anything that keeps you from thinking straight can be mental clutter.  It commonly comes in the form of anxiety, doubt, pessimism and unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

Mental clutter can also be caused by overstimulation.  We talk on the phone while eating dinner or driving to an event, or we answer an e-mail while talking with a family member while we are also watching TV!  

How about our teens?  They are the epitome of overstimulation…they barely give themselves five minutes to stop and just think or daydream.  I don’t know how it is in your home but over here I am constantly telling my kids “enough with the electronics”!  

We all have mental clutter, sometimes more than physical clutter.  But it is how we handle it that matters.  Personally, when I start to feel a tremendous amount of mental clutter I like to journal, do yoga, call a friend, organize something or pour on my essential oils.  All of these things help in the moment but the biggest thing I do in my life to tackle mental clutter is prepare for it by being organized.  

Tips to Try On Your Mental Clutter!

  •  Choose one place to write down all of your To Dos.  Some suggestions are: a notebook, a binder with dividers based on projects, a list on your phone.  Use this space to “empty your mind” of all the things you are trying to remember to do.
  • Multitask the smart way by pairing an active task with a passive task.  Do no more than two things at a time.  
    • Example of an active task= loading the dishwasher.  
    • Example of a passive task= baking a dish in the oven, anything you can set and forget for at least twenty minutes.
  • Set a timer to keep you on track when you are motivated to get things done.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend interacting with any type of screen.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself in all things.  Many large projects take tiny steps, one at a time, to get them done.  This is OK!  Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t finish today.
  • Post in the comment section below or on the Facebook group with your questions, tips and progress.
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Organizing Tip of the Day

  • Explore your creativity.  If your mind is feeling restless, try indulging in a creative project that calls to you.  You’ll engage different parts of your brain that may bring back focus. 
  • Spend as much time as possible with positive people who love you, want to see you succeed, and lift you up when you are low.

*For more organizing tips on this topic or similar topics: check out my book Organize Now! think & live clutter free

mental clutter

Thanks for joining me! Please comment below with something you do to combat mental clutter.

Jennifer Ford Berry

Organize Mindfully Podcast



Are you ready to Organize Mindfully?

Twice a week the Organize Mindfully Podcast brings you organizing professionals, designers, mindfulness teachers and people who are living an inspired and organized life. They share amazing insights, new ideas, tips & techniques so you can grow, gain inspiration and bring order to your life. From there you can accomplish anything. Join host Mark Dillon as he explores with each guest what makes them a success in their organizing and life.  

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Organized Medicine: {week 6 organize your health challenge}


This week the Organize Your Health Challenge coincides with Chapter 39 in my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

An organized medicine cabinet may not be top on your priority list, but it should be.  Especially if you have children!  The last thing you want to worry about if someone gets sick in your home is whether or not you have the proper medication that is NOT expired.  If you have emergency you do not want to be wasting precious time trying to find your first aid essentials!

I used to make sure that I hit up the latest coupon deals in order to keep our medicine cabinet stocked. But times have changed and the more I educate myself on holistic healing and clean living the less medicine I want in my cabinet!

But whether you are using over the counter medicine, prescription or essential oils like we do…everything needs to be organized so that you can find what you need in a hurry!

Here’s is a great tool if you keep your medicine in a cabinet, a step shelf.

Your To Do List For This Week!

  • Read through Chapter 45 in Organize Now: think & live clutter free
  • Empty your entire medicine cabinet and wipe it down. 
  • Toss all expired items or items you will not be using.
  • Organize remaining items by category.


Organizing Tip of the Day

  • Labeling your medicine cabinet by category will not only help you keep a visual inventory of what you have but it will show other family members where things belong.  This is also helpful for babysitters.
  • Keeping a weekly pill organizer next to your computer, filled with vitamins, is a great way to remember to take them!
  • image

    Here’s mine 🙂

*For more organizing tips on this topic: go to page 188-189 in the book

Thanks for joining me for this Organize Your Health Challenge! 

 Jennifer Ford Berry

Listen To Your Body {week 5 organize your health challenge}

listen to your body

This week the Organize Your Health Challenge coincides with Chapter 41 in my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all stop picking our bodies apart and start loving them and appreciating what God has given us?  This week I personally vow to love my body MORE!  Will you??  Of course, I always want to get more toned and loose a few pounds. But, this week I am going to be grateful that I have a body that is healthy, legs that help me walk, hands that feed me and arms that can hug my children!

Recently I have gone through a personal experience that has reminded me of how precious each and every part of our body is.  Two months ago a close friend of ours was in a horrific car accident.  The driver hit he and his son head on.  It was just a normal night (or so they thought).  Little did our friend know that in an instant, his body would be forever changed.  Miraculously his son was left untouched.  However, our dear friend suffered a severe brain injury, as well as, many broken bones.  

Thanks to God, and thousands of us that prayed, I am thrilled to say that he is alive and going to live a long life with his family.  However, he has spent every day since the accident in a hospital. He now spends many hours each day working as hard as he can in rehab trying to learn how to walk again and to use his arm.  What he once used with ease, is now a complicated struggle.

I pray to God you are never involved in an accident like this.  But even without an accident we could loose abilities that we take for granted today.  It could be something as simple as a cold that leads to pneumonia or high cholesterol that leads to a heart attack.   Many issues can be taken care of with prevention such as a healthy diet and exercise but if we are too busy to listen we may disregard or ignore the signs of trouble!  Whether you are listening or not, your body is always trying to tell you something. It may be about your feelings, your health or your spirit, but the best way to hear is to learn to listen.

Your To Do List For This Week!

  • Read through Chapter 41 in Organize Now: think and live clutter free
  • Practice each day being thankful for your body and your health, no matter what shape both are in. This will bring peace to your mind, which will bring peace (and more health) to your body.
  • Limit the amount of caffeine and sugar you take in each day.  Do this especially if you frequently feel jittery or have spikes and crashes in energy.
  • Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep each day.
  • Take time to sit, relax, be still and listen to your body (and your soul while you are at it). Don’t wait until you are bedridden and forced to do this!


Organizing Tip of the Day

* Don’t let fear keep you from going to the doctor.   If your body is telling you something that doesn’t seem right call and make an appointment this week!  If your doctor can’t explain what is happening keep going to someone new until they can help you!

*  I can not emphasize enough how important it is to drink LOTS of water each day!  For a list of reasons read this.

* For more tips go to pages 172-175 in the book.

Jennifer Ford Berry

Organize Doctor Appointments {week 4 organize your health challenge}

health examinations

This week the Organize Your Health Challenge coincides with Chapter 42 in my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

listen to your body

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Why is it that we can make so much time for television and surfing the web, but our doctor and dentist appointments can often fall to the bottom of our To-Do lists?

I admit that in the past, I too, neglected some of my doctor appointments. But over the past five years I have seen so many lives saved because the person found out early about an issue. Not too long ago my father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had done a great job of keeping up with this yearly exams, so his doctors knew his normal PSA. When that level changed they were able to detect cancer. My dad opted to have surgery and within a few months was declared cancer free! His doctors said that my dad’s regular exams are what saved his life. If he had waited another year, it could have made all the difference in the world. Cancer is scary, but choosing not to think about it doesn’t mean it won’t affect you. 

After prevention, early detection is your best way to beat a serious illness. Don’t wait until you have a serious health scare to start taking your health seriously.  Make time for your appointments and make it a priority to get your appointment scheduled. Sometimes simply calling the doctor’s office is three-fourths of the battle.  

Your To Do List For This Week!

  • Read through Chapter 42 Organize Now: think and live clutter free
  • Grab your planner and your phone THIS week and call to schedule any appointments that you have been neglecting: dentist, yearly exams, etc.
  • Know how often you need to screen.
  • Top Health Screen You Need to be Mindful Of:

    • Blood Pressure: every two years beginning at age 20. Normal pressure is considered to be 120/80
    • Cholesterol: every five years beginning at age 20.
    • Colorectal cancer screenings: Screen every 5-10 years. Exam should include colonoscopy, barium enema, sigmoidoscopy, digital rectal exam.
    • Fecal Occult Blood test: Test every 5 years for total and HDL count
    • Blood glucose: screen for diabetes every 3 years starting at age 45.
    • Skin exam: Annually to detect early skin cancer
    • Dental: every 6 months. Healthy teeth isn’t just good for your smile it is good for your heart. The plaque that build around your teeth is the same as the plaque that build in the arteries around your heart.
    • Eye exam: every year if you wear glasses or contacts
    • For women: cervical cancer screen every year or two until age 30, then every 3 years; pap test every year; mammogram every year starting at age 40 
    • For men: digital rectal exam to check for prostate cancer every year; be sure to get the Prostate Specific Antigen test (PSA)
  • Schedule a massage! Great for reducing stress and a nice gift to yourself for all of your hard work these past 4 weeks in the challenge.
  • Set up a Health file for you and your family.  Then consider a checklist of each person’s name along with the dates of their last health care appointments.

Organizing Tip of the Day

  • Always bring a list of medications that are covered by your insurance to your appointments.   This way your doctor can prescribe something that is covered. Furthermore, if you are finding it hard to afford your medications ask your doctor for some free samples or to switch you to a generic if possible. 
  • Always bring your planner to health care appointments and schedule your next appointment that day!
  • For more tips on this topic read pages 177-179 in the book!

Jennifer Ford Berry

Increase Your Healthy Eating Habits {week 2: organize your health challenge}


healthy eating habits

This week the Organize Your Health Challenge coincides with Chapter 38 in my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

organize your health

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I dislike the word “diet”.  Why?  Because a diet only lasts for a short amount of time and then usually you will give yourself an excuse to go back to your old way of living when the diet is over.  Personally, I would much rather focus on ways I can implement healthy eating habits into my lifestyle on a daily basis.

This week I encourage you to add 5 goals pertaining to your healthy eating habits that you can begin to make part of your everyday life.  Goals such as: replace one cup of coffee with green tea, don’t eat after 7pm, replace sweets with fruit, begin cooking with coconut or grape seed oil instead of butter etc.

Most of us are not getting all of the nutrition we need from our food.  For this reason alone I think it is important to take your vitamins.  Plus, I just feel better when I take mine!  The vitamins I personally take include: Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Fever Few, Calcium, Evening Primrose and B12.  I encourage to learn a little about vitamins and then incorporate the ones that your body needs the most.

Your To Do List For This Week!

  • Read through Chapter 38 in the book.
  •  Keep a food journal as mentioned in goal #1 of the book. This may seem silly at first but it will open your eyes wide to what you are putting in your mouth!  Trust me!
  • Add 3-5 goals to the 2nd tab in your “exercise plan” from last week, that will begin changing your eating habits for the better.
  • Set a limited amount of time your family will eat out from today forward…1 night per week? 3 times per month? 
  • Plan ahead! Pick a day, maybe over the weekend, when you can prepare enough healthy snacks for the week.  Cut up veggies, make some homemade snacks etc.  By doing this you will have no excuse for packing healthy food when you leave for the day.
  • Go through your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and cut down on all the junk food or over-processed foods that you have. Throughout this challenge, begin restocking your shelves with easy-to-grab, healthy choices.
  • Make a list of 10 healthy snacks that you can keep in the house at all times.  These should be added to your grocery list! 
  • Focus on replacing sugary drinks with water!
  • Post in the comment section below or on the Facebook group with your questions, tips and progress.
  • If you haven’t done so already make you join my Organize Now Challenge! Facebook group


Organizing Tip of the Day

  • Don’t let yourself get to a “I’m starving point.” It’s not good for your blood sugar and you will be more likely to binge eat and take in way more calories than you need.
  • Start reading the labels on your food. If a label has more than 5 ingredients listed, reconsider it!
  • A good rule of thumb to ensure that you eat enough veggies is to fill half of your plate with produce.

*For more organizing tips on this topic: go to page 161-163 Organize Now: think & live clutter free

Thanks for joining me! Please comment below with your favorite healthy snack options.

Jennifer Ford Berry