Organize Your Mind

Woo-Hoo it is officially week 1 of the 2009 Organize Now Challenge!! Welcome to each and every one of you. I am so glad you are taking this journey with me. 
OK, here is how it will work. Each week we will focus on getting one area of our life organized. For those of you that have the book, Organize Now, you can follow along and you will have a whole checklist of goals, tips and fun quotes. But for Internet purposes we will only be sharing one of those goals here in the challenge. Throughout the week please comment here on your progress. We want to know what you specifically did in your live to get more organized and any other tips/ideas that could benefit our group. (Or just some old fashion support for the rest of us:)
I mention in the book that the goals are meant to be baby steps-so work at a pace throughout the week that is comfortable for you.
Organize Your Mind:
The first step of organizing your life is organizing your thoughts and clearing your mental clutter. One step that can help us with this is to consistently make time just for you.
  • Get out your planner and schedule some “Me Time” this week. While you are at it schedule “me time” at least once a week for the next 51 weeks. During your me time turn all the phones off and plan something you love to do just for you! Let yourself have fun. Fun is a crucial part of living a balanced life and will actually improve your health and well-being. (sometimes we need to be reminded of this)


*Pay attention to your dreams. Sometimes our dreams provide us with helpful subconscious insight.

My hope is that after you complete this challenge you will be unburdened by the clutter in your life. By doing this I hope you find more clarity so you can see who you really are and start living your life with renewed purpose.
Question of the week: What did you do for your “me time”?
Jennifer Ford Berry