yard and garden organization

Organizing Your Yard & Garden


yard and garden organization

As Spring is upon us, so is Spring cleaning. Your yard and outside of your house is one of the first things many people think of when it comes to this. So let’s talk about organizing your yard and garden. Your yard is the first impression of your home. This space can be seen by anyone who drives or walks by. My family has always taken their yard and garden very seriously. So, when my husband and I built our home, I took our yard very seriously. I learned many lessons right off the bat: don’t spend too much money, don’t plant anything you don’t have time for and perennials are my friend.

Make sure to survey your yard and garden, understand what you have, don’t have and may need before starting a project. Clean everything outside that would need it. Such as: windows, gutters and downspouts, pull weeds, sweep porches and decks and throw anything out that is broken or unused. My best advice for organizing your yard and garden is to keep in mind how much time you have to spend in this area in the future. Don’t plant more than you can maintain.

Here are some tips for organizing your yard and garden:

  • Before planting your garden bed, make a sketch of what you want it to look like and where everything should go. This will help you select the most attractive flowers for your yard.
  • Schedule a yard work day at the end of each season to take care of all those seasonal responsibilities at one time.
  • Shop Thursdays and Fridays for your plants and gardening supplies to get the best selection.
  • Instead of raking leaves up in autumn, mow over them with a bagging mower. It will remove all the leaves and make great compost for your garden.

You can read more about yard and garden organization and get a copy of my book here.

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mudroom organization

Mudroom Organization {organize now challenge}

mudroom organization

This week in the Organize Now Challenge we are discussing mudroom organization or if you do not have a mudroom in your home the area where your family exists and enters each day.

If this challenge has been helping you get organized please, please share this challenge with your friends!

  • What should be stored in the mudroom and what doesn’t belong her.
  • Remove everything that doesn’t belong or can be stored somewhere else.
  • Sorting through coats.
  • Sorting through shoes.
  • Use the Seasonal Swap method.
  • Storage ideas for your mudroom or entryway.
  • Personalizing this area of your home to show who you are as a family.
  • Rules that need to be in place for maintenance.
  • Family Launch Pad.

My favorite product for storing shoes in the mudroom or garage that I mention in the podcast:

mudroom organization

For more tips on organizing the mudroom go to Chapter 20 in the book.




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organizing your recipes

Organizig Your Recipes

organizing your recipes

Organize Your Recipies


Organizing your recipes can save you a lot of time in the long run. Finding recipes and buying ingredients can be one of the most time-consuming parts of cooking. Organized recipes can make meal planning quick and easy. Gather all the recipes you have lying around your house and find the ones that you would prepare. If you have old worn out recipes transfer these to a recipes card and toss recipes that you know you will never make. There are multiple ways you can store your recipes; a recipe box, three ring binder with plastic slipcovers, photo albums with sticky pages, a blank recipe book you can write in, or electronically. Pick the best one that works for your system, no two people are alike when it comes to your organization.

Once you select your storage method, put your recipes in categories such as: appetizers, soups, vegetables, salads, main dishes, and bread/desserts. Once they are organized, make a list of the most used items in your recipes. This way the next time you head to the store you can take this list and make sure to note the aisle numbers for each item. Now you can easily access these items whenever you are at the store.

Here are some tips for organizing your recipes:

  • Have a collection of simple, quick recipes. Eighty percent of the ingredients in these recipes should be basic staples that you have on hand.
  • Plan ahead. Before you go grocery shopping, decide what meals you want to make for the week. Use those recipes to help make your grocery list.
  • Prepare lunches to go the night before. If you are making lunch for more than one person, consider using colored plastic wrap to keep them separate.
  • Create a favorites folder on your computer for quick internet links to good, fast recipes.
  • Looking for a gift for a bride-to-be? Give her copies of your favorite family recipes.


You can read more about recipe organization and get a copy of my book here.

Jennifer Ford Berry

refrigerator organization

Organize Your Refrigerator


Organize Your Refrigerator

Refrigerator Organizatioin

When it comes to organizing your refrigerator, it can be the center of organization and chaos all in one. With a clean, organized refrigerator you can prepare better meals, utilize everything with less spoilage and prevent buying duplicate items. I find the best time for me to wipe down and organize my refrigerator is while I put away a fresh load of groceries. Some find it better to organize and clean before you go grocery shopping so you can see what you need. Keeping the refrigerator clean and organized will make things easier for your family to locate what you are looking for. As well as, maximize your food’s shelf life.

Try to have a system with your refrigerator and put things back in the same spots. Make sure to keep older items to the front and newer in the back so you’re always using what needs to be eaten/prepared first. Try to keep the outside of the refrigerator clear and organized with limited papers, if you do have papers, remove any outdated or unnecessary papers. Keep things off the top of the refrigerator and wipe it down. You can put a basket on top to place lose items that you need to store there.

Here are a few tips that will help you keep your refrigerator clean and organized for good:

  • Keep a list of leftovers on the outside of your refrigerator with the date the meal was prepared. This reminds everyone of what’s available so it will get eaten.
  • Place healthy items that you need to eat more of in the front of the refrigerator and fatty food in the back to help you eat healthier.
  • After cleaning out your refrigerator, look at what you threw away and whether it went rotten or stale. If you have a lot of leftovers, consider making smaller meals.
  • Use the clear, plastic, handled baskets you can buy at the dollar store to contain loose items that are falling out when you open the door.
  • Use one drawer in your refrigerator for bottled drinks so they are not rolling around the inside of your refrigerator.

You can read more about refrigerator organization and get a copy of my book here.

Jennifer Ford Berry

Organize Drawers in Your Kitchen {organize now challenge}

organize drawers

So if you have been following along in the Organize Now Challenge your kitchen surfaces and cupboards should be looking good!  It’s time to organize drawers in your kitchen.

What do you store in your kitchen drawers?  

Are they cluttered?  

When was the last time you went through them?

This week I get down to the knitty gritty about kitchen drawers and what should and shouldn’t be store in them.

  • Ideas of what can be stored in kitchen drawers:
    • Pots & Pans (lids if possible separate)
    • Plastic Ware
    • Silverware & Cooking Utensils
    • Pyrex and Baking Dishes
    • Pot holders, Wash Cloths & Towels
    • Essential Oils
  • Junk drawers say what?
    • Eliminate, eliminate, eliminate!
    • The new name of your “junk drawer” and what should go in it.
    • What should go in the drawer? And what should NOT!
    • Storage ideas for all those little things you don’t know where to start.



Once you have finished this week’s challenge please post your pics in the Facebook group (Organize Now Challenge) or here under the podcast.  Don’t be nervous!  We are all in this together.  The group is really kind and full of encouragement!

If you still need the book here it is:

Jennifer Ford Berry

How to Get Organized in 2017!

how to get organized

Do you want to learn how to get more organized in 2017?  

I am calling all of you that need a little boost in the organization department to commit to the 2017 Organize Now Challenge.

How does the 2017 Organize Now Challenge work?

  • 1. Listen to the podcast.  Every Friday I will be on The 29 Minute Mom Podcast.  There are 3 different ways to listen:
    • Click play on the podcast episode from the website
    • All podcasts will be posted on the Facebook page
    • Subscribe on iTunes (just click the link and hit “SUBSCRIBE”
    • Subscribe to the Organize Now mailing list and the podcasts will be sent to your inbox
    • Note: you can listen to the podcast any day after it goes up on Friday. So pick a day that is convenient for you.  However, we did plan Fridays in hopes that you could get that particular organizing task done over the weekend.  Some tasks will take you longer than others so I recommend that you go at your own speed.
    • In the podcast I will share some of the steps and tips that I cover in the book along with tons of inside knowledge and motivation!
  • 2. Follow along with the book.  I have written out checklists for each area we will organize in the book.  So for example if one week we are covering “How to Organize Your Kitchen Cupboards” the book has a step by step guide written out for you.  It also has a list of how to maintain that area throughout the year (maintenance is KEY my friends).  You can find the book anywhere books are sold including:
  • 3. Ask your questions during the Facebook live videos.  Facebook videos will be posted on the 29 Minute Mom Facebook page.  Dates and times for videos will be posted as we go.
  • 4. Join our private Organize Now Challenge Group on Facebook.  There you will be able to interact with others on this quest to get more organized.  It is also a great place to share ideas, ask questions, get inspired and receive support!

Some of ways the 2017 Organize Now Challenge will change your life:

  • You will learn how to purge things that you don’t love or use.
  • You will be able to find homes for the things you are keeping.
  • Your home will be simplified.
  • You will waste less time looking for things.
  • You will save money because you won’t buy things you already own.
  • Your mind will become clearer and it will become easier to focus on other goals.
  • You will start to feel proud of the home you have created.
So I hope you have decided to commit to getting more organized!  I think this format will be perfect not only for teaching but to offer support to each other.  I mean who doesn’t like some extra motivation when you decide to reach a new goal, right?
I am here for you! I am telling you 2017 is YOUR year! No more wondering what it would be like to have an organized home and an organized life.  This can be your reality!
Join me! Learn how you can live your dreams instead of your things!
Would you like to win a FREE, SIGNED copy of the book?  Here is how you can enter:
  1. Share this post on your social media accounts along with #organizenow2017
  2. Answer this question in the comment section below:  What chapters in the table of contents do you want to focus on the most in 2017?
I am so excited to go on this journey with you!
Jennifer Ford Berry
why its hard to part with things

Why Is It Hard To Part With Things? {Podcast}

Episode 2: Why Is It So Hard To Part With Things

Do you find it hard to part with things? Getting rid of stuff is very hard for many people to do.  It takes time; it can be very overwhelming, and most of us never know where to start or exactly how to go about it.  Furthermore, most people don’t realize that are specific reasons why parting with things is so hard for them.

In this podcast Life’s Organization Expert, Jennifer Ford Berry, shares the top 6 reasons it is hard to part with things.  You may be surprised by some of them!  But hopefully by knowing these reasons you will be able to quickly and efficiently handle your clutter next time.

Jennifer hopes that by hearing the knowledge in this podcast you will be aware of which reason stops you in your tracks when you are trying to clear clutter in your life.

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I Can Finally Share My Big News {and a holiday giveaway}

The 29 Minute Mom

[spacer height=”50px” id=”3″]Oh my gosh I can hardly contain myself…I have been working on a new project and I finally get to share my big news with you!! I am so excited!!  

For the past year or so I have been wanting to do something that would enable me to help more women and specifically more moms.  

After working closely with thousands of moms over the years, I am convinced that deep down we are really all the same.  We want to be the best moms we can be and to do that we must be committed to growth.  

I think moms love to learn, increase efficiency and wish they had more down time.  We get so excited when we find out something new that will improve or alter our life in some way.  Of course when we do we HAVE to share it, right?!  That just comes naturally as a mom.  We are givers that can’t help but share with our girlfriends and other moms, about that life changing book we read or delicious recipe we made from Pinterest!  I know I love when someone shares this stuff with me!

I do love working with moms one on one but I want to help even more women.  I have spent so much time praying and contemplating about what that looks like.  

I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for the right answers to come to me and I was starting to get very frustrated.  

Then finally after more praying, contemplation and some fantastic mentoring, the idea of a podcast was suggested to me.  

I have decided to partner with a long time friend and HUGE food blogger, Jennifer Dempsey.  Some of you may follow her blog Motherthyme or remember her from our Pantry Crashers series.  We both have a heart for helping women so she was the perfect fit to launch this project with.  

We named our project The 29 Minute Mom because we know how busy moms are and we know that every single minute counts in a day.  

Why spend 30 minutes when you can spend 29 is kind of the inside joke!  But seriously deep down all moms have a desire to learn, grow and improve throughout their lives. This can be hard to do that when we are also juggling laundry, running kids, cooking dinner, working, building relationships, and keeping our homes clean.  Let’s face it some days there isn’t much time left over for us!  Our goal is to give you tools, resources, inspiration and ideas that will help you reach your fullest potential in this world.  

We are launching a podcast that will feature experts, authors, spiritual leaders, real moms and more!  And each podcast will be short so there is no excuse that you can’t find 29 minutes to listen!  

So this is for you mamas!  All of you ladies that give 150% of yourself each and every day to the ones of you love.  This is something you can do for yourself!  I pray that The 29 Minute Mom brings you joy, motivation, knowledge and laughter.

Here is an example of a podcast I did recently.  I would love to here if this is something you deal with.

the 29 minute mom

I can not wait to start this journey with you!!  We are giving away lots of goodies and a special holiday giveaway on the 29 Minute Mom website to celebrate our launch so check it out!  


Jennifer Ford Berry