mudroom organization

Mudroom Organization {organize now challenge}

mudroom organization

This week in the Organize Now Challenge we are discussing mudroom organization or if you do not have a mudroom in your home the area where your family exists and enters each day.

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  • What should be stored in the mudroom and what doesn’t belong her.
  • Remove everything that doesn’t belong or can be stored somewhere else.
  • Sorting through coats.
  • Sorting through shoes.
  • Use the Seasonal Swap method.
  • Storage ideas for your mudroom or entryway.
  • Personalizing this area of your home to show who you are as a family.
  • Rules that need to be in place for maintenance.
  • Family Launch Pad.

My favorite product for storing shoes in the mudroom or garage that I mention in the podcast:

mudroom organization

For more tips on organizing the mudroom go to Chapter 20 in the book.




Jennifer Ford Berry

Podcast: Dealing with Toy Clutter

toy clutter

Do you have a handle on toy clutter in your home or do you feel like the toys are taking over your home?  When your kids are small and it can feel like toys are swarming your house!  All those dolls, cars, puzzles, games and don’t even think about the number of stuffed animals you have in every nook and cranny.  It is enough to make any mom feel like she is going to loose her mind.

But wait!  It doesn’t have to feel like this!

Really? You say…

How is that even possible?

Well, after years of helping moms clear the toy clutter I have shared my insight on The 29 Minute Mom podcast.  Real tips from a real mom and a real professional organizer.  In this podcast I share the secrets to taming the toys and why you shouldn’t let toys get to you so much.



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Jennifer Ford Berry

maintain your sanity during the holidays

Holiday Sanity: How to Not Loose It During the Holidays

The holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. For some it can also be the most stressful. Holiday sanity might even sound like an oxymoron. Trying to get everything done from baking, shopping, Christmas cards, and going to holiday parties can get overwhelming! We know!

If the holiday season totally stresses you out then this podcast is for you! In Episode 5 we chat about ways to maintain your sanity during the holidays. From doing Christmas cards NOW to not having to go to every holiday party will help you find time to just sit back and relax with a hot cocoa and watch the Hallmark channel because we all know there’s nothing better than cuddling up on the couch watching a good Hallmark Christmas movie!

In this episode
  • Creating and sending your Christmas Cards now!
  • You don’t have to go to every holiday party.
  • Easy holiday recipe and cooking tips.
  • Enjoy the holidays without stressing that your house is messy.
  • Wrap as you buy!

So pour a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy Episode 5 of The 29 Minute Mom – Ways To Maintain Your Sanity During The Holidays!

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Jennifer Ford Berry

15 minutes for your spirit

15 Minutes in the Morning for Your Spirit {Podcast}

Episode 4: 15 Minutes For Your Spirit

Do you wake up in the morning feeling overwhelmed and you haven’t even gotten out of bed or had a cup of coffee? Instead of grabbing your phone and scrolling through social media while lying in bed, feed your spirit with goodness and take 15 minutes to connect with God and your faith reading a devotional, a few passages from the bible, a spiritual book that lifts you up to start your day.

In episode 4 of The 29 Minute Mom we discuss ways to take 10 or 15 minutes each morning before chaos begins to connecting with your spirit and how doing this has impacted our busy lives for the better.

So pour a cup of coffee and enjoy our 15 Minutes For Your Spirit podcast. It’s fun and uplifting and is full of information and ideas to help you start your day on a positive note. This is one you don’t want to miss!

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why its hard to part with things

Why Is It Hard To Part With Things? {Podcast}

Episode 2: Why Is It So Hard To Part With Things

Do you find it hard to part with things? Getting rid of stuff is very hard for many people to do.  It takes time; it can be very overwhelming, and most of us never know where to start or exactly how to go about it.  Furthermore, most people don’t realize that are specific reasons why parting with things is so hard for them.

In this podcast Life’s Organization Expert, Jennifer Ford Berry, shares the top 6 reasons it is hard to part with things.  You may be surprised by some of them!  But hopefully by knowing these reasons you will be able to quickly and efficiently handle your clutter next time.

Jennifer hopes that by hearing the knowledge in this podcast you will be aware of which reason stops you in your tracks when you are trying to clear clutter in your life.

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tips for managing laundry

Laundry Tips

Can I tell you I am having SO much fun doing The 29 Minute Mom podcast?!  I love that I am part of a project that is inspiring moms to reach their highest potential. And the best part is the podcasts are short enough to listen to on your commute, in carpool or when you are getting stuff done around the house.  If you have about 29 minutes listen to this podcast about laundry tips.  I would love to hear your feedback!

laundry tips

Do you feel buried in a pile or mountain of laundry that seems like it is never ending? WE DO! As mom’s we hear ya high above the laundry mountain tops and know the challenges mom’s face in conquering the never ending pile of laundry.  Managing laundry can sure feel like a full time job but there are ways to tackle it.

We want you to feel a sense of accomplishment everyday and not have the doom and gloom of laundry spinning around and around not only in your washer but in your head.

Fear not mama’s! If you are on the quest to for once and for all get on a laundry routine, then this is the podcast for you. You need not worry about the challenges of laundry anymore, we will help you establish a routine you can handle every day.

So grab your laundry basket, pop in some ear buds and listen to Jen & Jenn’s solutions to make your laundry chores stress free and maybe even a little fun!

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The 29 Minute Mom

I Can Finally Share My Big News {and a holiday giveaway}

The 29 Minute Mom

[spacer height=”50px” id=”3″]Oh my gosh I can hardly contain myself…I have been working on a new project and I finally get to share my big news with you!! I am so excited!!  

For the past year or so I have been wanting to do something that would enable me to help more women and specifically more moms.  

After working closely with thousands of moms over the years, I am convinced that deep down we are really all the same.  We want to be the best moms we can be and to do that we must be committed to growth.  

I think moms love to learn, increase efficiency and wish they had more down time.  We get so excited when we find out something new that will improve or alter our life in some way.  Of course when we do we HAVE to share it, right?!  That just comes naturally as a mom.  We are givers that can’t help but share with our girlfriends and other moms, about that life changing book we read or delicious recipe we made from Pinterest!  I know I love when someone shares this stuff with me!

I do love working with moms one on one but I want to help even more women.  I have spent so much time praying and contemplating about what that looks like.  

I feel like I have been waiting FOREVER for the right answers to come to me and I was starting to get very frustrated.  

Then finally after more praying, contemplation and some fantastic mentoring, the idea of a podcast was suggested to me.  

I have decided to partner with a long time friend and HUGE food blogger, Jennifer Dempsey.  Some of you may follow her blog Motherthyme or remember her from our Pantry Crashers series.  We both have a heart for helping women so she was the perfect fit to launch this project with.  

We named our project The 29 Minute Mom because we know how busy moms are and we know that every single minute counts in a day.  

Why spend 30 minutes when you can spend 29 is kind of the inside joke!  But seriously deep down all moms have a desire to learn, grow and improve throughout their lives. This can be hard to do that when we are also juggling laundry, running kids, cooking dinner, working, building relationships, and keeping our homes clean.  Let’s face it some days there isn’t much time left over for us!  Our goal is to give you tools, resources, inspiration and ideas that will help you reach your fullest potential in this world.  

We are launching a podcast that will feature experts, authors, spiritual leaders, real moms and more!  And each podcast will be short so there is no excuse that you can’t find 29 minutes to listen!  

So this is for you mamas!  All of you ladies that give 150% of yourself each and every day to the ones of you love.  This is something you can do for yourself!  I pray that The 29 Minute Mom brings you joy, motivation, knowledge and laughter.

Here is an example of a podcast I did recently.  I would love to here if this is something you deal with.

the 29 minute mom

I can not wait to start this journey with you!!  We are giving away lots of goodies and a special holiday giveaway on the 29 Minute Mom website to celebrate our launch so check it out!  


Jennifer Ford Berry




Quick Tips for Organizing for Hurricane Sandy!


Hurricane Sandy is on her way! You can never be too organized or prepared for a natural disaster.  Here are some quick tips to help you be ready to go once the storm hits:

  • Get up to a two week supply of emergency equipment
  • Make a hurricane kit; If it’s portable, even better! (food, water, can opener, first aid kit, weather ready clothing/shoes, batteries, blankets, medicines, ect.)
  • Make sure you are aware of all evacuation routes
  • Evaluate what you need versus what you want
  • Make a list of emergency contacts and family information
  • Keep a copy of all certificates (birth, marriage, auto, home, etc.)
  • Move irreplaceable items to a safe place where they cannot be destroyed

Remember to be as safe as possible when dealing with any natural disaster.  Tangible items can be replaced but our loved ones can’t.