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Buffalo Spree Magazine

I am in the Buffalo Spree Magazine this month!  Thank you Lisa Littlewood for this amazing article.  I am completely honored to have such a beautiful spread in this beautiful magazine!  Also, thank you to Lydia Dominick for doing my makeup in the photo they used.  

The article talks about how to keep a household organized with children living in it.  This comes at a perfect time when kids all around the area are getting back into the school routine.  

Lisa starts of the piece by writing:  “Those of us who have kids and are not natural organizers can sometimes feel like our homes are overrun by stuff.  There are days when I feel like I’m going to be swallowed whole by the mass of socks, shoes, toys, papers, laundry, hair accessories, and Legos that seem to be in every nook and cranny”.

She goes on to share my favorite tips for organizing paper clutter, toys, mudrooms, sports equipment and bedrooms.      

Near the end I am quoted saying: “At the end of the day, “stuff” is not what’s important.  It’s about family values, the memories we’re creating, the things we do together-that’s what kids will remember”.

If you get a chance to read the entire article I would love to hear your feedback!  Here is the link to the rest of Buffalo Spree Magazine’s September issue.  

What are your favorite tips for keeping your household running smoothly now that the kids are back in school?

Jennifer Ford Berry




Shout Out to Julie Morgenstern and a Great Article from Daily Parent


Long before I was an Author or a Professional Organizer I was a big fan of Julie Morgenstern.  I used to read her books and think that she had the “best job in the world”!  

When my very first book was released in 2008 I was asked to speak at the Learning Annex in NYC.  Julie had spoken there two years prior so I was pretty pumped to follow in her foot steps. I decided to reach out to her and get some advice before the time of my speech.  Julie was so helpful, kind and willing to give me some pointers.  

Fast forward to today…I just opened my email and received the link to a recent article I contributed to for Daily Parent.  I smiled to myself when I noticed that Julie also contributed.  

At this time I am taking a moment to:

A) feel grateful that I too get to do the “best job in the world”!

B) give a shout out to Julie: “thank you for being a pioneer in this field…keep up the great work!” 🙂  

I hope you all enjoy the article: Getting Organized and Efficient in 2015! ( it is packed with really great tips from two ladies who have (unfortunately) never met but are both extremely passionate about living an organized life!)

Jennifer Ford Berry



Spring Cleaning in the Miami Herald

Spring cleaning helps organize your office — and your head


<br />
300 dpi Eddie Thomas illustration of man "spring cleaning" his attitude about work. (Minneapolis Star-Tribune/MCT)</p>

I was recently interviewed by Cindy from the Miami Herald (on a side note Miami is my favorite city).  Here is the article as it appeared: 



You don’t need to wait for spring to clean up clutter in your life, but it is as good a time as any to rid yourself of clutter and stress and make room for a better work/life balance. Even if you never get to your closets, consider tidying your work space, clearing your in-box and changing your habits to work and live smarter.

To boost your efforts, I’ve asked the experts for tips that are worth the effort:

Physical work space: The layout of your office or cubicle space and the flow it creates plays a huge role in your mood, productivity and ability to juggle demands.


Another likely source of desktop clutter is receipts. For me, filing receipts has never been a top priority, but letting them pile up makes filing taxes or an expense report more difficult. Jennifer Ford Berry, author of Organize Now! Think and Live Clutter Free, advises purging receipts you don’t need and scheduling a set time each week to enter or scan the ones you do want to track.


Yay I Made the Front Page!

daily news

So the other day I was having lunch with one of my best friends when I get a text from my mom “You are on the front page of the paper!” Yes, I knew an article would be in about my newest book (Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free) but I was completely honored that the story made the front page!  Very cool!

Here is the link:

BATAVIA — It’s not Jennifer Ford Berry’s first book about clutter, but this version of her “Organize Now” series is ready to get in-depth with…

via Too much clutter? Attica author advises a deep cleaning – The Daily News Online: News.

Jennifer Talking Clutter-Free on the Moll Anderson Show

I love, love, love Moll Anderson.   If you are struggling with getting organized this is worth listening to.  I was recently on the Moll Anderson show talking about everything from how to deal with your inner clutter, to new couples merging and purging to when you may have crossed the Hoarders line!

My interview starts at the time mark 31:42…enjoy!

Forbes: Easy Ways to Think and Live Clutter Free



The following article was written by Richard Eisenberg:

Americans have a serious clutter problem; in a recent Huffington Post survey, the fifth most common stress trigger was “worrying my home isn’t clean or organized enough.”

Jennifer Ford Berry, the author of the Organize Now! book series, has some smart clutter-busting solutions, however, and I just interviewed her about them.

I was especially taken by the tips in Berry’s new, compact volume (subtitled Think & Live Clutter-Free) — a week-by-week manual that goes far beyond sorting and tossing.

Berry views clutter holistically. “Clutter is anything that doesn’t have a purpose or bring you joy,” said Berry, a self-described life organization consultant based in upstate New York. “It’s stuff that keeps you blocked from moving forward in your life. Any form of clutter will steal energy from you.”

I was especially interested in Berry’s advice for people over 50, since many of us find ourselves wanting to “deacquire” (the word my colleague Suzanne Gerber uses), reversing decades of acquiring.

To finish reading this article click here.

Chatting with Peter Walsh

Everyone that knows me knows about my “celebrity crush” on Peter Walsh!  I can understand if you may be wondering how a straight woman can have a crush on a gay man but it is possible! LOL

Truly my “crush” is more of a respect and admiration for Peter.  Not only do I admire that he was such a pioneer in the organizing industry but I also think he is truly intelligent, giving and inspiring person. 

You may remember my last conversation with Peter.  Recently I caught up with him again.  Our conversations are always a treat for me….especially this one!  Not only does Peter give my book: Organize Now a plug (very cool) but he really opens up to me about his career, his private life and even his beliefs.  So sit back with your favorite beverage and listen in on my latest conversation with my crush Peter Walsh 🙂

(Just click the play button)