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Christmas Clutter: Article from the Deseret News


Nuttin’ for Christmas

Berry also recommends being specific with family members about what they want for Christmas.

“If you have that person in the family that is always buying you knick-knacks, you just need to be honest,” Berry says. “Tell them, ‘You know what, we are trying to cut down this year,’ or ‘I’m running out of room in the house’ or ‘I’m trying to simplify.’ You don’t need to say, ‘I really can’t stand your knick-knacks.'”

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Organize Now! in Metro Family Magazine

Organize Now! your money, business and career is in the the November issue of the Metro Family Magazine.  Check it out on page 24:

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Declutter Before You Sell

Declutter Before You Sell

How to Declutter Your House Before You Sell:

“If you’re not really loving it at this house, why would you love it at the  next house?” asked Jennifer  Ford Berry, author of the “Organize Now!” series of books.

She recommends starting the purging and packing process several months out so  that you can take your time and not get overwhelmed.

“People get a lot of anxiety because it’s a huge job. You have to account for  that,” Berry said. “Do one room at a time. Don’t pack a box here and there. Pack  up what you can live without for six months and give away what you do not want  to take at all.”

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Appeared in the Gaston Gazette! (a paper close to my heart)


Organize Now! by Jennifer Ford Berry

 Written by Mary E. Neil of the Gaston Gazette
{Before I post the article that was written in reference to my book I have to say that why this article really touched me.   My husband and I live in North Carolina for five years.  We spent the first years of our marriage there.  We lived about 15 minutes from Gastonia, NC and this town will always have a special place in my heart for two reasons: one it is where our daughter was born and two my husband worked for the Gaston County Sheriff’s Department.  We now live in New York state but I was tickled pink when I saw this!}

I was cruising the craft store the other day looking for paint bargains and came across the book called “Organize Now!”  by Jennifer Ford Berry.

I never have enough time and God has not answered my prayers for an extra day in the week, so I bought the book because it said right in the beginning that being organized will reduce my stress and   give me more time for the things I love to do.

Being Sagittarius I have many irons in the   fire and balls in the air all the time and at my age I thought I needed to get   busy with my time left! It could be intimidating when you first look at the   index of this book. It is broken down in projects weekly for 52 weeks and can be  overwhelming.

First of all I love to organize and at the   beginning of the year I get almost shivery just thinking about it. I have so   many things I love and want to do and never seem to have enough time. However,   to be honest I know not everybody feels the way I do and my goal is to be   helpful — not scare you to death with too much information. The author feels the  same way and suggests you just use what organizational hints that best suit you  and your lifestyle.

I believe if you set small goals and take   baby steps, each completed project will energize you to keep on keepin’ on. It   is the same idea that I preach about exercise and diet.

My first helpful hint is to begin with the   goal sheet. It should be along side your Daytimer/calendar. I organize according  to what is going on in my life. For example: My family is coming from out of town to celebrate my husband’s birthday and one couple is staying at our house,   so I deep clean the guest bedroom, straighten and sort the stuff in the closet,   which usually means a pile of clothes for the next yard sale or, if it is a big   pile and I don’t want to store it, it goes to Goodwill. Guess what? Except for   light cleaning, this room is done for a year!

As we also will be doing a lot of cooking I  use the occasion to inspire me to clean and straighten the pantry and wipe the   hand prints off the door frames, appliances, etc. If you plan ahead you will   have several weeks to get the projects done before company arrives. Most of us   work and have to fit this in our already busy schedule, but if you think of it   as just one project at a time, I promise you it will be easier than if you think  about organizing the whole house.

I can hear the howls now. You say: “But my   house is never organized at one time!” My answer is: “But it’s getting there!”  On a “short” week when your schedule is absolutely packed, skip adding one more   thing. On an easy week you can do two projects. The clean alcoholics aren’t going  to pay any attention to this anyway, so this is for those folks like me that   aren’t afraid of a little dust while they get organized. More on this as the   weeks go by.

Did I find my paint bargains? You bet and I  had an extra 20 percent off coupon from The  Gazette that was good on sale  purchases, too. Guess what! This  inspired me to clean off my cluttered art table  in my office, and while I was  at it I cleaned and organized my office this week  before I left for the horse  show. It’s done for a year. Boy, am I going to have  fun kissing those  horses!

You can e-mail Gazette fitness columnist   Mary E. Neil at maryeneil@earthlink.net

Read more:  http://www.gastongazette.com/articles/day-67948-book-store.html#ixzz1nyVXTY1s