MOPS Group Inspired Video to Get Organized


I spent this morning speaking to the MOPS group at the Brockport Free Methodist Church.  What a joy these ladies were!  

We discussed how to organize things like: toys, kids clothing, memorabilia and daily routines.  As moms we always feel like there is not enough time in the day.  But, I am here to tell you not to worry….all moms feel the same!  

Organization does save us lots of time but it doesn’t happen in one day.  Baby steps my friends.  One step at a time each day until you get there may be all you can do….and that is OK!  

But, I also want to remind you to appreciate the journey you are on.  Those toys won’t always be laying on the floor and I promise you when they are gone you will actually miss them!  I am serious! (well not everyday but you will have your moments) 🙂

Here is a quick video I did after my presentation that will hopefully motivate you to get started and keep going one day at a time!

Are you a mom that is struggling with getting organized?  
PLEASE, feel free to let me know what you need help with.  
I will be happy to share my tips with you.
Jennifer Ford Berry

12 Days of Giveaways



I am pretty sure I have mentioned it before but I will say it again….


This is why I have decided to put together a fun little series I call “12 Days of Giveaways” and thanks to a bunch of AMAZING companies that have teamed up with me, YOU are going to have a chance to win some of my VERY favorite products!  Does that sound like a fun way to spend the next 12 days?? I sure think so!! EVERYONE receives a 12 month free subscription! One lucky winner will receive a gift set including: a grocery gift card, towel and a cutting board.

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12. Wrap iT Gift Bag Organizer: Win a wrap iT gift bag organizer!

Organizing Gift Guide: for the neat freak on your list

 Today on Winging It Buffalo Style I shared my organizing gift guide for that neat freak on your list.  The links to all of the awesome products I mentioned are linked below.  Check them out:

Fridge Coaster

Wrap iT Gift Bag Organizer

Organize Now!

Post It

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Also, you will be able to win these products and many more during my “12 Days of Giveaways” blog series starting December 12th! Check back then to enter and win!

I will be featuring products that I LOVE that also make fantastic gift ideas for anyone on your list!



Spring Organizing Tips

Yesterday I appeared on the Winging It, Buffalo Style show.  I talked about tips and tricks you can do to help you get your home ready for Spring.  Here are some of the Spring Organizing Tips  that I mentioned on the show:

  • Come up w a plan: one room per week etc. Make a checklist!
  • Pair down so you can clean less during the summer: less knick knacks, picture frames, throw pillows, stuff on the kitchen counter, maybe remove window treatments.  Set up your home as simple as possible for the summer months so that you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the nice weather!
  • Ask for help! If you can afford it hire someone.  Otherwise make it a family project.  Explain to the kids that the more we complete now the more time for fun we will have over the summer.
  • Spring Cleaning Tips:
    • Furniture coasters: great for moving those big pieces so that you can clean behind them.
    • online slots font-size: 16px;”>Wool light: to wash curtains Tip: hang them outside to dry and they will be easier to iron.
    • Leave the bathroom light off when you are wiping the mirrors (less streaks).
    • Mr. Clean Erasers: doors, baseboards…I love these little guys!
    • Clean cobwebs with a broom and an old T-shirt for great results.
    • Clean your washing machine: 2 cups bleach in hot water run through a cycle. Then 2 cups of vinegar in hot water and run this through another cycle.
    • Clean your stove burners: Place ¼ cup of ammonia and the burners in a zip lock bag over night. The fumes from the ammonia will leave them sparkling clean!
    • Clean your refrigerator: baking soda and warm water for a fresh clean smell.
    • Open the windows: nothing smells more like spring than fresh air!

 Jennifer Ford Berry

Pantry Organization: For A Busy Mom’s Life

Pantry Crashers  Another segment of Pantry Crashers is here!  

This time we crash busy mom, Jessi Boardman’s pantry.  As you will see she is not over joyed about this at first but she soob gets super excited about the end result!

Being a mom puts a whole new spin on organizing a pantry because this means you have more people to feed and because this means more people are in and out of your pantry on a daily basis. (= more mess!)

So if you are tired of your pantry looking like a tornado touched down…this is a video you must watch!

Organizing Tip of the Day In this segment of Pantry Crashers I discuss the following pantry organization tips for busy moms:

Tip #1 Keep treats and snacks for the kids at their height level so that they can easily grab what they need.

Tip #2 Inexpensive plastic containers work great for snacks.

Tip #3 Use clear storage containers for items like: crackers, cereal and chips.

Tip #4 Use the top shelf for items that are currently off limits (like doubles of items that are already opened)

Tip #5 Always shop from your own pantry before you go to the grocery store.     This will help you use up what you have and not over buy.

Tip #6 Place all like items together.

Tip #7 Keep canned good together in rows. Always put your newest can in the back of the row.

Smead Podcast: Was PO Jennifer Ford Berry Born Organized?

Above is a Smead podcast I did in which I answered the question “Were you born organized?” and discuss how to organize your mental clutter.  

The whole interview is full of organizing tips and was really fun to do.

Show Notes – Jennifer Ford Berry

00:45 The reason why we accumulate so much clutter

02:20 Jennifer’s client who was creative about “letting go”

03:30 The framework to Think and Live Clutter Free

04:35 The relationship of clutter to your health

06:30 Jennifer’s journey into Professional Organizing

08:35 The unique story behind Jennifer’s first client

11:05 Highlights from the “Organize Now!” book series

13:00 Time management for you and your family

14:10 The secret of the schedule

15:00 What Jennifer uses to organize her day

16:50 To-do lists and why they are helpful

18:30 How you should feel when you walk into your home

19:45 The first place to start when organizing

20:50 How a client tragedy turned into a triumph

Much of what I talk about in this interview comes from my newest book:

Think and Live Clutter Free

Check it out for yourself.

Organize Your Photos Once and For All! {3 simple steps}

organize photos

OK I have to give it to you straight today: there is no point in saving photos IF when you are long gone nobody knows when & where these memories took place!

It is best to break up a big project into smaller steps. And if you are like me photos are a BIG project.

Doing this step-by-step will make getting your photos organized much less overwhelming. So grab your planner and schedule time right now, yes right now…if not now then when? Trust me if you follow my advice and get this project done you will feel like 100 bricks have been lifted from your shoulders!

Did you know that 30 minutes per week =26 hours dedicated to a project in one year?

If you are a visual person check out my appearance on the Winging It, Buffalo Style show.  If you are not keep reading.

So here we go…

3 steps for organizing printed photos:

Step 1: Decide on doubles and multiples immediately (either give them away or toss). Only keep the best photos that tell your story.

Step 2: Divide all photos by year or event.  Label each pile with a post it note temporarily.

Tip: Make this a family event! Put out some snacks, if you have grown children invite them over, play some music and wa-la another family memory in the making.

Step 3: Organize photos you are keeping in a photo album or photo box.

3 steps for organizing digital photos:

Step 1: Set up folders for the year (or season/year) on your computer. You can do this monthly but don’t make it harder than it needs to be.  I have a main folder for each year on my computer and then a sub-folder for each season.  

For example: 2014: Then a folder for each season within that yearly folder (One for Fall, One for Winter, One for Spring and One for Summer)

Step 2: Go through each folder and delete the pictures you don’t want and edit the ones you do.  This is when you would crop, remove the red eye etc.

Step 3: Organize photos you are keeping in a digital photo album or on a labeled CD.  Personally, I do all of my digital albums with Mixbook but there a number of great sites for this.  Once I have the photos edited for a year I start adding them into my digital album.  Yes, I actually schedule time in my planner to work on these books 🙂

Organizing Tip of the Day


  • If you haven’t finished a scrap book by now chances are you won’t. Let it go…it is OK not to scrapbook moms!  
  • Set deadlines. (for ex a gift each Christmas)
  • Look around your home: are the photos still current? Do they tell an accurate story of who your family is? (ex: are you missing one kid)
  • “Perfectionism is the enemy of completion” so at least get a handle on your photos.  You can always add special “bells and whistles” later.
  • Color code your printed photo books if you are displaying them on a shelf.

Jennifer Ford Berry

Video: Organize Your Love Story

 organize your love story
Jennifer talks about how to Organize your love story on the Winging It, Buffalo Style show

Organize Your Love Story

I love a good love story…who doesn’t?  Of course my own love story is my favorite 🙂  

It is important to preserve your story correctly so that it lasts for years and years.  If you organize it and store it correctly hopefully it will last long enough for your great-great-great-grandchildren to read and/or view it!

Here are some tips to help you organize your own love story:

Photo Box from Michaels:

  • Great for love notes, cards, special trinkets
  • Box: $2.39, Scrapbook paper: $.25 Total $2.64, For less than $3 you have a special place to store these precious items! Use a coupon and save more!

Tell your love story

  • Create a digital book: to share your photos with words.  I personally love Mixbook and Blurb.
  • Recordable photo album: your loved one can hear your voice (great for long distance relationship or children at college).
  • Write a blog post and share it with the world!  Read mine here.
  • Record a video.
  • Create a photo collage of your love story on one wall in your home: include your wedding, pregnancy, babies etc

Valentine Tool Kit

  • Any small container will do
  • Keeps everything your child will need to make their valentines in one place.
  • They can work on them a little at a time.

Red Bucket

  • You can leave this out with the child’s name on it full of Valentine goodies.
  • Great container afterwards for their room or play room.

Schedule time in your calendar for your relationship

  • Date night: make sure it happens by scheduling ahead of time with a babysitter etc.
  • List the things you and your loved one want to do together this year and then make it happen.
  • Create a vision board together: show travel, date nights, romance etc.

* More love tips check out: Chapter 15: Organize Your Relationships and Chapter 16: Organize Your Expectations of Others from my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

* And My Blog Post: 4 Tips to Organize Your Relationships

Happy Organizing