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Shout Out to Julie Morgenstern and a Great Article from Daily Parent


Long before I was an Author or a Professional Organizer I was a big fan of Julie Morgenstern.  I used to read her books and think that she had the “best job in the world”!  

When my very first book was released in 2008 I was asked to speak at the Learning Annex in NYC.  Julie had spoken there two years prior so I was pretty pumped to follow in her foot steps. I decided to reach out to her and get some advice before the time of my speech.  Julie was so helpful, kind and willing to give me some pointers.  

Fast forward to today…I just opened my email and received the link to a recent article I contributed to for Daily Parent.  I smiled to myself when I noticed that Julie also contributed.  

At this time I am taking a moment to:

A) feel grateful that I too get to do the “best job in the world”!

B) give a shout out to Julie: “thank you for being a pioneer in this field…keep up the great work!” 🙂  

I hope you all enjoy the article: Getting Organized and Efficient in 2015! ( it is packed with really great tips from two ladies who have (unfortunately) never met but are both extremely passionate about living an organized life!)

Jennifer Ford Berry



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