end of school year

Organizing Tips: End of School Year {and my kids 1st TV appearance)


end of school year


As I mention in the clip above the best time to organize your child’s school supplies and paperwork is immediately at the end of school year.  Don’t wait until next fall to go through those backpacks! (you never know what you might find by then).  Here are some tips for end of school year organization:

  • Sort through school supplies immediately and toss what is no longer usable.  Place all items still in good condition in a labeled bin or box for next year.
  • This is a great time to start a list for next year because your mind is still in school mode. For example if you see that they are low on crayons write it down.  Be sure to save the list where you can find it.  I usually put the list on my phone or on my Evernote account.
  • Go through all school papers and memorabilia that was stored in a temporary home and put the favorites in a permanent home.  One bin per child is plenty of space for saving their school memorabilia.  Check out this post where I talk about setting up the temporary home for school papers.
  • Consider taking pictures of special projects and papers and then tossing them. (at least get them on disc if you do not have time for an album)
  • Put any school clothes, jackets, shoes, instruments or sports equipment away that the kids won’t be using over the summer.  Do not leave this stuff in your Family Launch Pad…that should already be prepped for the summer season.
  • Clean out your school reference binder. Toss everything you no longer need from this school year.

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