exercise plan

Exercise Plan {week 1: organize your health challenge}

exercise plan

This week the Organize Your Health Challenge coincides with Chapter 37 in my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

A healthy lifestyle starts with changing your habits and ends with long-term results. This is why it is so important to focus on long-term results not immediate ones. Changing habits takes time. It usually takes between twenty-one days to a month to change or create a habit. It also takes lot of patience, so stick with it and be dedicated but not too hard on yourself. With this method your body can make amazing changes within a matter of months or years.

I have to admit one area of my life that I am always trying to improve is my exercise plan.  I do exercise but sicking with a strict exercise plan comes and goes in my world.  However, when I see an area of my life that needs a little tweak I love to figure out a system that will help me!

I am not one that likes to work out at home.  A few years ago we bought a weight lifting machine and I will admit that I was super excited at first but after awhile I admitted that I am much better at going somewhere else to work out.  I have always favored working out at a gym or in a class, over working out at home.

Your To Do List For This Week!

  • Read through Chapter 37 Organize Now: think & live clutter free
  • Fill out your exercise plan for the next 6 weeks including a minimum of 3 days per week of exercise. Add more if you are feeling motivated but if this is all brand new to you I would rather you accomplish and get comfortable with a small goal instead of starting out trying to do too much and getting frustrated: 
  • Write down your goals (2nd tab on top of the exercise plan) for this challenge.
  • Write down all of your exercise appointments with yourself in your planner.
  • Post in the comment section below or on the Facebook group with your questions, tips and progress.
  • Stretch every day. Two or three minutes is all you need. This will help maintain flexibility and cut down on injuries. Search for basic stretching routines on YouTube if you need help.
  • If you haven’t done so already make you join my Organize Now Challenge! Facebook group


Organizing Tip of the Day

    • Find creative, easy ways to fit in exercise. For example walk the running track while your child is at practice, get out of the office for lunch and walk a park, do some jumping jacks or lunges while waiting at the bus stop.
    • Stay positive! Remember this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix.
    • Here is another post and a video I did last year: Organize Your Exercise Routine

*For more organizing tips on this topic: go to page 158 & 159 Organize Now! think & live clutter-free

Thanks for joining me! Please comment below with one of your personal goals for the week or a tip other members can learn from.

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