garage organization

Garage Organization: tips to increase space and efficiency

garage organization

Garage organization is more important than most people realize.  Why?  Well here are a few reasons:

  • Keeping your garage organized will save you money because you will know exactly what you own and can find what you are looking for when you need it.  No more wondering ” do we still own ladder golf“?  when you’re entertaining at your next family BBQ.  You will know exactly where it is and this will save you from buying a second set!
  • You will also save lots of time!  How many baseball practices have you been late for because your son couldn’t locate his baseball glove?  Don’t answer that if you are too embarrassed. 
  • A clean garage will keep the pest population down.  Anything that keeps mice away from our house is worth doing!
  • In many houses the garage is the first thing a guest sees when they come to visit.  I know some of you reading this cringe at these words knowing that your garage is everyone’s first impression of your home.

Now at the Berry Home my husband is usually the one to keep the garage clean and organized.  However, I do add an additional product or system I think will improve this space from time to time.  Don’t get me wrong things do get messy from all of the running in and out but the key is everything has a home.  

So if you are finally realizing how important garage organization is here are some steps to help you tackle this area:

1.  Purge

1.  Make four piles: toss, keep, donate and not sure.

2.  If you haven’t used something in 2 years toss or donate it.

3.  If you are not sure about something put it in a “holding tank” and if you don’t use it or miss it within 4 months get rid of it.

2.  Use Height

1. Look up and make sure you are using all of your height in the garage.  (lots of valuable space up there)

2.  Hang items from hooks on the ceiling-perfect for bikes.

3.  Add a few rafters for extra storage.

4.  Install shelves up high for rarely used items.

3.  Create a Kids’ Zone

1.  Designate one area in the garage for your kid’s toys, sporting equipment etc.

2.   Mesh baskets work great for those toys that get wet.

3.  Store smaller toys in plastic bins with covers. Label each so the kiddos can put items away on their own.

4.  Create a Work Zone

1.   This is a separate area, ideally with a flat surface, that can be used to work on things. (fixing things, painting, planting in pots, etc)

2.  It should include: tools, gadgets, nails, screws…things that would assist you in working on a project.

5.  Additional Tips

1.  Keep the recycle containers in a convenient location so that you are more likely to use them. (I keep ours on the wall right outside the door)

2.  Look for products that will truly help you keep your garage organized.  Here are some of my favorites:

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