healthy eating habits

Increase Your Healthy Eating Habits {week 2: organize your health challenge}


healthy eating habits

This week the Organize Your Health Challenge coincides with Chapter 38 in my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

organize your health

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I dislike the word “diet”.  Why?  Because a diet only lasts for a short amount of time and then usually you will give yourself an excuse to go back to your old way of living when the diet is over.  Personally, I would much rather focus on ways I can implement healthy eating habits into my lifestyle on a daily basis.

This week I encourage you to add 5 goals pertaining to your healthy eating habits that you can begin to make part of your everyday life.  Goals such as: replace one cup of coffee with green tea, don’t eat after 7pm, replace sweets with fruit, begin cooking with coconut or grape seed oil instead of butter etc.

Most of us are not getting all of the nutrition we need from our food.  For this reason alone I think it is important to take your vitamins.  Plus, I just feel better when I take mine!  The vitamins I personally take include: Vitamin D, Fish Oil, Fever Few, Calcium, Evening Primrose and B12.  I encourage to learn a little about vitamins and then incorporate the ones that your body needs the most.

Your To Do List For This Week!

  • Read through Chapter 38 in the book.
  •  Keep a food journal as mentioned in goal #1 of the book. This may seem silly at first but it will open your eyes wide to what you are putting in your mouth!  Trust me!
  • Add 3-5 goals to the 2nd tab in your “exercise plan” from last week, that will begin changing your eating habits for the better.
  • Set a limited amount of time your family will eat out from today forward…1 night per week? 3 times per month? 
  • Plan ahead! Pick a day, maybe over the weekend, when you can prepare enough healthy snacks for the week.  Cut up veggies, make some homemade snacks etc.  By doing this you will have no excuse for packing healthy food when you leave for the day.
  • Go through your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and cut down on all the junk food or over-processed foods that you have. Throughout this challenge, begin restocking your shelves with easy-to-grab, healthy choices.
  • Make a list of 10 healthy snacks that you can keep in the house at all times.  These should be added to your grocery list! 
  • Focus on replacing sugary drinks with water!
  • Post in the comment section below or on the Facebook group with your questions, tips and progress.
  • If you haven’t done so already make you join my Organize Now Challenge! Facebook group


Organizing Tip of the Day

  • Don’t let yourself get to a “I’m starving point.” It’s not good for your blood sugar and you will be more likely to binge eat and take in way more calories than you need.
  • Start reading the labels on your food. If a label has more than 5 ingredients listed, reconsider it!
  • A good rule of thumb to ensure that you eat enough veggies is to fill half of your plate with produce.

*For more organizing tips on this topic: go to page 161-163 Organize Now: think & live clutter free

Thanks for joining me! Please comment below with your favorite healthy snack options.

Jennifer Ford Berry


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