holiday party planning tips

Holiday Party Planning Tips


Hi everyone! A big thank you to Jennifer for giving me the opportunity to guest post here today.  I blog over at Love Your Home, and when I started blogging there about a year ago, I picked up Jennifer’s book Organize Now! as a guide to get myself, my family, and my house in order, all while sharing my experience on the blog.  After being on maternity leave for a year, of course all my attention was on the baby, and not so much on keeping our home tidy and organized (I’m sure all of you moms have experienced that!)

I started her book on the very first page, and my goal was to follow week after week and complete a new organizing task.  Unfortunately, life did not allow for that, but I hold onto this book dearly and open it often to see where I could put my organizing skills to work.  I have completed projects with Jennifer’s help and motivation through the pages of her book such as: creating task lists and shopping lists; setting a perfect family evening routine; planning our meals for the month; organizing my office papers; storing craft supplies; closet organizing; and so on.  There is so much left for me to do.  Her pages cover areas from organizing high-traffic spots in your own home, to special events, routines, etc.  What I enjoy is how every section is given a specific checklist of goals and tips.  It’s detailed, but not overwhelming.  This book has really been a great addition to our lives, and it never gets outdated!

With the holidays approaching, I thought a perfect topic to cover today is organizing parties.  Even if it’s a small get together with a couple of friends, there is always a lot to prepare.  And speaking of preparation, it’s a good idea to stock up on many things (drinks, snacks, extra gifts) as a foray of visitors come a knocking on your doorstep this holiday season.

When planning a party, remember to do the following:

  • Choose a date that works best for YOU. Don’t feel like you need to accommodate everyone’s schedule.  With so many family events already going for a lot of people this month, the chances are that someone may miss your party and there’s nothing you can do.
  • Decide on a guest list early. The earlier the better because then you can start thinking about how much food you’ll need to prepare, or what gifts to buy, and then plan a budget.
  • Always request RSVP. These days, people are more likely to get back to you by email.  You can leave a phone number on your invites, but include an email address that you check often as well.
  • Give yourself time. It’s Thursday and you want to have 15 people at your house by Saturday night.  Well, that’s asking for stress! Besides, it’s best practice to give your guests a couple weeks’ notice in case they have to take time off work, etc.
  • Prepare as much as you can ahead of time. For example: decorating, party favours, setting up the buffet table with linens, ordering the wine, cold food dishes, and cleaning the house (or at least the areas guests will use/see that evening – powder room, dining room, living room, kitchen).
  • Don’t stress about the event.  If you planned it early, as you should have, there’s no need to anyway.

One of my go-tos when it comes to organizing a party is lists.  Make a list for everything! What to buy, what to bake, what to make, what to decorate, what to clean, and what (and who) to shop for.  Next to my lists I keep a handy calendar and pen so that I can plan when to do each activity.  Don’t forget to also take care of yourself! Take an evening to get a manicure, or soak in a hot bath the night before to relax those muscles after all that hard party planning!

I like to give my readers a little something when I’m on the topic of organizing.  Today I’m offering a FREE to-do list printable when you click here! I conveniently made it a letter page so that you can fill it with all your needs for your next soiree (no matter how big or small).  Plan your tasks by day, week and month so that nothing gets forgotten.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post today! I hope I have offered you some great tips for planning your next holiday party.

About Antonella:

I am the face behind the blog Love Your Home.  It’s a place where I share organizing tips, decorating ideas, shopping finds and trends, crafts and DIY projects, some favourite home recipes, life, and much more.  I’m a mom of one beautiful little girl, and with my husband we are still living in our first home together – a humble townhouse in the suburbs of Toronto.  With the addition of a little one into our lives, I’m constantly changing our place to make it work better for us.  I am strongly passionate about blogging because I can talk decorating (a long time love), create and bring out my artistic side.

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