Inexpensive Solutions to Small Spaces

More often than not we struggle to fit what we have into spaces that are too small to house it.  Sure you can contract new closets or an add-on to your home, but that can be a huge undertaking and costly to boot.  The solution is to find ways to make your small space work for you rather than against you.  There are many ways to get organized and reduce clutter and here are a few suggestions that won’t cost you an arm and a leg.

  1. The Ceiling

Look at all that open space up there, and only gravity stands in your way from making use of it.  Hanging racks in the kitchen are not only great for opening up cabinet space, but they add decoration.  Hang bicycles from the ceiling as well in the ‘drop room’ or laundry room.  Hanging produce baskets can save counter and refrigerator space in the kitchen.  Children’s rooms are great for toy hammocks that can store stuffed animals and other lightweight toys suspended from the ceiling.  In garages or storage rooms you can suspend shelving for storage so long as it doesn’t hit anyone in the head!

  1. The Walls

Building shelving units directly into or onto walls is a terrific option, but so is hanging items directly onto the walls.  Coat racks, gardening tools, skis and poles, pots and pans, kitchen knives, flat screen televisions, even your necklace or purse collection.

  1. Lift the Beds

You can buy bed lifters and under-the-bed storage containers and baskets pretty inexpensively.  This is a great alternative to re-doing the closet. You can really get a lot of things underneath the bed.  Under-the-bed specific containers have rollers or gliders so they’re easy to access.  The extra height on the bed is fun, but if you don’t like that or find it difficult to manage there are short storage units available that don’t require risers.

  1. Rethink the Living Room

There are certain pieces of furniture that are non-negotiable like beds.  But if you’re working with a small space, the living room might not need the traditional suite to be complete.  Take the coffee table for example, it can really take up a lot of valuable space and may not be entirely necessary.  Try an ottoman with a tray or even just side tables for drinks and television remotes.  You can also get a trunk or chest that doubles as a coffee table and a storage bin.  The same concept goes for free-standing bookshelves, if you’re short on floor space get rid of them and install high and wide shelving that doesn’t block anything for your books, knick-knacks and picture frames.

  1. Bathroom Storage

This one can be tough.  There are certain necessary items you need to be able to keep in the bathroom as a matter of more than just simple convenience.  If there is absolutely no room for storage your best bet is an above the toilet cabinet.  These aren’t expensive and can at least give you a place for toiletries and a couple of shelves.

  1. Corner Units

Is that empty corner in your dining room just ripe for a triangular storage hutch?  Don’t let dead corners eat up your space, fill them with geometrically space saving storage units.

Fortunately making a small space work is a common problem and therefore solutions are on the market.  You just have to get a little creative and think of the multiple dimensions of space and how you can manipulate it in your favor.  Happy organizing and good luck making it all work! In his role in the self storage industry, Tim Eyre helps customers care for their cherished belongings that must be put in storage.  Tim goes to see his facilities including a self storage facility in Lake Elsinore center.  He was also recently meeting customers and staff at the Long Beach self storage facility.

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