Chatting with Peter Walsh

Everyone that knows me knows about my “celebrity crush” on Peter Walsh!  I can understand if you may be wondering how a straight woman can have a crush on a gay man but it is possible! LOL

Truly my “crush” is more of a respect and admiration for Peter.  Not only do I admire that he was such a pioneer in the organizing industry but I also think he is truly intelligent, giving and inspiring person. 

You may remember my last conversation with Peter.  Recently I caught up with him again.  Our conversations are always a treat for me….especially this one!  Not only does Peter give my book: Organize Now a plug (very cool) but he really opens up to me about his career, his private life and even his beliefs.  So sit back with your favorite beverage and listen in on my latest conversation with my crush Peter Walsh 🙂

(Just click the play button)


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