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Welcome To The Organizing Challenge For Kids!

Hi kiddos!

I am SO excited to help you get organized!!  Trust me this won’t feel like school…I am going to teach all the good things about getting organized and make it as fun as we can, I promise!


SO stay tuned because I will be posting videos to help you get organized right here on this page.  There will be one video each week for 6 weeks.  

Also, I have posted some Daily Goals for you to try and implement into your day.  Do your best (trust me your parents will be SO proud of you if you complete them)!

When you have questions write them in the comments section or you can ask me live in the Q & A videos we will be doing.  Remember I want you to get really, really good at organizing so ask me anything!

I can’t wait to work with each one of you!  

Hugs, Jennifer

Daily Dos

daily do's for kids

Kids Weekly Schedule

Week #1

make the most of your day

Week #2

Week #3

tackle that closet

Week #4

dressers and drawers

Week #5

other stuff

Week #6

rock this school year

Ask your questions or post pictures of your organizing here:

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  1. Carter lund
    Carter lund says:

    I made my bed and cleaned two rooms well at least I picked up my stuff and felt great and committed to cleaning yeah clean ?

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Jennifer! You have inspired my 11 year old Carter!! He cleaned things up like never before last night.
Thank you!!