organize kids

6 Week Organizing Challenge For Kids

Here’s Why Your Child Needs This Program

    • To Be More Productive
    • To Overcome Procrastination
    • To Feel Better About Themselves
    • To Learn How to Set and Reach Goals
    • To Be More Responsible
    • To Ultimately Be Happier People

I believe teaching kids the skill of organization is just as important as teaching them how to read, write or ride a bike!  Why?  Because I work with adults every week that are overwhelmed, stressed out and unhappy because they never learned how to organize their life.  Don’t let your child grow up to be one of those people.  This is a course that unfortunately is not taught in school but they still NEED it.  

If you want your child to learn how to be organized I would be honored to work with them!  

What We Will Cover:

  • Week 1: Make The Most Of Your Day

  • Week 2: Memories and Other Special Things

  • Week 3: Tackle That Closet

  • Week 4: Dressers and Drawers

  • Week 5: The Other Stuff In Your Room

  • Week 6: Rock This School Year

Program Includes:

Weekly Coaching Videos

Weekly Lessons and Assignments

Daily Challenge

Live Videos For Q & A With Jennifer

Exclusive Group With Other Course Members

Stop Living With Messy Kids!

If you want to transform your kids and transform your home at the same time this is totally worth doing!  

I am offering this 6 week course for only $42, that’s $1 per day!  The skills they will learn in this course will be applicable throughout their entire life.  Trust me they are the same skills I teach my own children.