listen to your body

Listen To Your Body {week 5 organize your health challenge}

listen to your body

This week the Organize Your Health Challenge coincides with Chapter 41 in my book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could all stop picking our bodies apart and start loving them and appreciating what God has given us?  This week I personally vow to love my body MORE!  Will you??  Of course, I always want to get more toned and loose a few pounds. But, this week I am going to be grateful that I have a body that is healthy, legs that help me walk, hands that feed me and arms that can hug my children!

Recently I have gone through a personal experience that has reminded me of how precious each and every part of our body is.  Two months ago a close friend of ours was in a horrific car accident.  The driver hit he and his son head on.  It was just a normal night (or so they thought).  Little did our friend know that in an instant, his body would be forever changed.  Miraculously his son was left untouched.  However, our dear friend suffered a severe brain injury, as well as, many broken bones.  

Thanks to God, and thousands of us that prayed, I am thrilled to say that he is alive and going to live a long life with his family.  However, he has spent every day since the accident in a hospital. He now spends many hours each day working as hard as he can in rehab trying to learn how to walk again and to use his arm.  What he once used with ease, is now a complicated struggle.

I pray to God you are never involved in an accident like this.  But even without an accident we could loose abilities that we take for granted today.  It could be something as simple as a cold that leads to pneumonia or high cholesterol that leads to a heart attack.   Many issues can be taken care of with prevention such as a healthy diet and exercise but if we are too busy to listen we may disregard or ignore the signs of trouble!  Whether you are listening or not, your body is always trying to tell you something. It may be about your feelings, your health or your spirit, but the best way to hear is to learn to listen.

Your To Do List For This Week!

  • Read through Chapter 41 in Organize Now: think and live clutter free
  • Practice each day being thankful for your body and your health, no matter what shape both are in. This will bring peace to your mind, which will bring peace (and more health) to your body.
  • Limit the amount of caffeine and sugar you take in each day.  Do this especially if you frequently feel jittery or have spikes and crashes in energy.
  • Make sure you get an adequate amount of sleep each day.
  • Take time to sit, relax, be still and listen to your body (and your soul while you are at it). Don’t wait until you are bedridden and forced to do this!


Organizing Tip of the Day

* Don’t let fear keep you from going to the doctor.   If your body is telling you something that doesn’t seem right call and make an appointment this week!  If your doctor can’t explain what is happening keep going to someone new until they can help you!

*  I can not emphasize enough how important it is to drink LOTS of water each day!  For a list of reasons read this.

* For more tips go to pages 172-175 in the book.

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