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5 Ways to Help You Love Home MORE!

love home

One of the saddest things I have experienced working  in the organizing field is when people don’t enjoy their home.  What is even sadder to me is when people do not feel happy and peaceful when they come home.  Our home is the one place in the universe that is specifically for us and our family.  Should’t we love coming home?  I recently talked about this on the show I do in Buffalo called: Winging It, Buffalo Style…check it out below:


5 Ways to Help You Love Home More:

1. Evaluate each room in your home: Sit down in the room for 10-20 minutes and look around.  Ask yourself:

What do I love about this room?

Can I play that up even more? How?

What do I hate about this room?

Can I change what I hate?  How long will it take to change this? When can I begin?

Write down the things that you want to change.  Then come up with a plan!  Maybe there are some big projects that need to be tackled.  That is OK.  Break them up into smaller steps.

Now grab your calendar or your planner and schedule time in the next 3-6 months to tackle these items. No I am sorry I don’t have a magic trick to make this go faster but I do know that you finish a marathon one step at a time.

2. We all have projects that we want to get done around the house.  The challenge is making time to complete these projects.  Don’t let that get you down though!  It CAN happen if you commit to a plan.  Trust me; getting these projects done will not only make you feel happier it WILL help you love your home more!

I challenge you to walk around your house and take notes about the projects you would like to do within the next 3 years.  Then grab a notebook or type up an excel document and make a list entitled “Home Improvement Projects”.  

Tip: When we are about to tackle a new project in our home I like to set up a private board on Pinterest or a notebook on Springpad.  

3. Give up one night of media (TV or web surfing) each week to commit to the projects you listed on your list.

4. Create open space in your home.  This may be the quickest thing you can do to immediately make your home look less cluttered.  

-The first way to create open space is to clear flat surfaces (tables, shelves, countertops etc).  

-The second way is to leave floor space open.  Many times rooms have too much furniture and things on the floor which makes the room look smaller.

5. Get creative! Be brave enough to express yourself in your home.  Don’t just adapt to what someone else set up or give up all together.  Maybe that formal dining room would be best used as a play room off the kitchen or an office. No matter what you choose be sure to make your home work for you and your family.  

*For more tips on how to create a nurturing and inspiring home see Chapter 30 in my new book: Organize Now! Think & Live Clutter-Free

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