mental clutter

Mental Clutter: 5 Steps to Tackle It

mental clutter

Anything that keeps you from thinking straight can be mental clutter.  It commonly comes in the form of anxiety, doubt, pessimism and unrealistic expectations of yourself and others.

Mental clutter can also be caused by overstimulation.  We talk on the phone while eating dinner or driving to an event, or we answer an e-mail while talking with a family member while we are also watching TV!  

How about our teens?  They are the epitome of overstimulation…they barely give themselves five minutes to stop and just think or daydream.  I don’t know how it is in your home but over here I am constantly telling my kids “enough with the electronics”!  

We all have mental clutter, sometimes more than physical clutter.  But it is how we handle it that matters.  Personally, when I start to feel a tremendous amount of mental clutter I like to journal, do yoga, call a friend, organize something or pour on my essential oils.  All of these things help in the moment but the biggest thing I do in my life to tackle mental clutter is prepare for it by being organized.  

Tips to Try On Your Mental Clutter!

  •  Choose one place to write down all of your To Dos.  Some suggestions are: a notebook, a binder with dividers based on projects, a list on your phone.  Use this space to “empty your mind” of all the things you are trying to remember to do.
  • Multitask the smart way by pairing an active task with a passive task.  Do no more than two things at a time.  
    • Example of an active task= loading the dishwasher.  
    • Example of a passive task= baking a dish in the oven, anything you can set and forget for at least twenty minutes.
  • Set a timer to keep you on track when you are motivated to get things done.
  • Limit the amount of time you spend interacting with any type of screen.
  • Set realistic goals for yourself in all things.  Many large projects take tiny steps, one at a time, to get them done.  This is OK!  Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t finish today.
  • Post in the comment section below or on the Facebook group with your questions, tips and progress.
  • If you haven’t done so already make you join my Organize Now Challenge! Facebook group

Organizing Tip of the Day

  • Explore your creativity.  If your mind is feeling restless, try indulging in a creative project that calls to you.  You’ll engage different parts of your brain that may bring back focus. 
  • Spend as much time as possible with positive people who love you, want to see you succeed, and lift you up when you are low.

*For more organizing tips on this topic or similar topics: check out my book Organize Now! think & live clutter free

mental clutter

Thanks for joining me! Please comment below with something you do to combat mental clutter.

Jennifer Ford Berry

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