moms master plan

As an expert in the organizing industry I am passionate about teaching moms how to simplify and organize their lives!  I love teaching this not so that moms can have the “perfect home” or the “perfect life” but for a much BIGGER reason.  I want moms to realize that we have all been given a certain amount of space, time and energy in this world.  How we fill them is completely up to us!

Clutter can steal that space, time and energy from your life, sometimes without you even realizing it!  Once you begin to eliminate the clutter something amazing happens- you start to gain more space, time and energy! What IF eliminating clutter and getting organized enabled you to focus more on your dreams, your relationships and your time with God? 

If you want to get organized in 2018, improve your life, feel more balanced joy AND grow your relationship with God, come along with me on this journey with me!

This study will include:

        • A Monthly Theme To Focus On: getting organized and simplifying your space & life
        • Biblical Principals To Get Your Motivated
        • Specific Tasks & Goals for the Month 
        • Release & Let Go (5 things to give away or sell each month)
        • Monthly videos with Expert Organizer & Coach Jennifer Ford Berry
        • Access into our exclusive community on Facebook
        • Support from Jennifer and other moms

Here’s What You Will Learn By Doing This Study in 2018

  • Remove clutter that is keeping you from your greater good.

  • Organize according to top monthly priorities and seasons.

  • Free up more space, time and energy for God!

  • Learn how to achieve balance in your life.

  • Become happier and more productive.

  • Reawaken your dreams and desires!

  • Become a better mom!

One Final Step:

Upon registering for this study please email the names and Facebook links of each of the people you registered so that we can add you to the exclusive Facebook group.

I am am offering this year long study is only $40!