Organization Tips for College Dorm Rooms

10 Organization Tips for College Dorm Rooms

 Organization Tips for College Dorm Rooms

This week I had a blast organizing a college dorm room at the University of Buffalo. Wow did this take me back in time and I have to admit that although I LOVED college I do not miss living in such a small, shared space!  I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to my family friend Michele Canale, for letting me take over her side of the dorm room to shoot this video clip on Winging It, Buffalo Style!  As you watch the video you will see us point out the following 10 organization tips for college dorm rooms.  


1. Use a timer for studying.  This will help you stay focused when it is time to buckle down and study.  I love the Time Timer because it gives you a great visual for how much time you have left.  Check out their mobile app on your smart phone.

2. Add Storage boxes to provide storage and privacy.  I purchased the boxes in this video on sale for $1.99 each at Michael’s but you can find them anywhere.

3. Do a season swap. Take items home that you will not be wearing for the current season. Only store the items you know you will wear for the next 4-6 months in your dorm room.

4. Bring your favorite clothes, the ones that you feel good in!  There is no point in bringing something you might wear once or twice this semester.

5. The right hanger can add 30% more space!  I can not preach this enough: everyone should invest in a good slimline hangers for their closet, especially college students because they are so limited on space. Notice in the video how using these hangers also allows for every thing to hang at the same height, which is also visually appealing.

blk hangers

6. Install a portable double rod into your closet.  This will double your hanging space and you can take it with you when you move out.

7. Utilize space under the bed if possible. Clear, pull out drawers are an inexpensive way to add more storage.  If your bed is not raised up like the one in the video you can use bed risers.

8. Bulletin boards provide decoration, inspiring visuals and are great for posting pictures and other reminders of home.

9. Create a hanging night stand.  By adding cups or other containers to the wall above your bed, you will have a home for items you might need at night: cell phone, Ipod, highlighter, water, chap stick, eye mask etc.  The cups used in this video are from Ikea. They run about $2.99 a piece.

10. Set up a “community space” in your dorm room.  This is an area where roommates can share items they both need to use such as a coffee pot, refrigerator, stereo or iron.

If you are currently a college student or the parent of one I would love to hear any additional tips you may have for my readers!  By the way, if you are looking for a great gift for any college student or if you are a student soon to graduate I have to tell you my book: Organize Now! your money, business and career is jammed pack with tips and ideas for: organizing your checkbook, job searches, organizing your resume and cover letter, interview skills, your image, time management, organizing a budget and SO much more! 

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