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Organize Bill Paying in 3 Simple Steps

bill paying

Well, we are at week 7 of the Organize Now Challenge. Thank you to all of you that are taking this challenge and I hope you are starting to see a change in your life. Maybe you feel a little lighter. Maybe you feel like you have taken back the control of your life. Whatever you are feeling I hope it is positive!
This week is an extension of how you began to Organize Your Finances last week. This week we are going to organize a system and an area to pay our bills. Now more than ever it is extremely important to keep all of your bills organized. Paying your bills late consistently can result in a drop of your credit score and make it difficult to refinance or get low interest rates on any loans you may apply for in the future.
Organize Your Bill Paying
Maintaining organization over your bills is one thing that can help alleviate the stress that you may be feeling about your financial situation. If you are facing a job loss or an increase in your monthly bills don’t let these bills control you! Organize a system to pay these bills and maintain control over them.
1. This week’s goal is to organize a space to pay your bills that works for you. It is essential that this space is safe. It may be your desk in an office or a drawer in the kitchen, just don’t leave your bills laying around the kitchen counter for all your guests to see!
2.Make sure you have everything you need right there to make bill paying simple and efficient-calculator, pen, checkbook, computer, return address labels, envelopes etc.
3. Organize a system to pay your bills and then stick to it. Do not change up your routine in this area because it will leave room for mistakes. Be sure to include these steps:  
-how you handle the bills when they arrive in the mail
-where you post the due dates
-schedule time to pay these bills
-where and how you file the bills once they are paid


Organizing Tip of the Day


*When your bills arrive in the mail open them immediately, write down the due date on your calendar and put them in a manila envelope until they are paid. This will keep them condensed to one area and you won’t have to worry about them falling out and getting misplaced.

*Refer to Organize Now page 52 for a list of financial items to keep or to shred.

Resources:I am trying out Budget Tracker to see if it is a valuable tool to organize bills. I will let you know if I like it.

Question of the week: I have done a few speaking engagements on this topic and I have found that there is always something to be learned about this topic from someone in the audience. What can you share with us that may help us keep our bills more organized?
*If you would like more bill paying tips check out my book: Organize Now! your money, business and career
Jennifer Ford Berry
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