Organize Books, Cds and DVDs

Welcome to the Organize Now Challenge! In this challenge, I started with 5 women that agreed to follow along with my first book, Organize Now! a week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life, and blog about what they learn and how they implement my organizing advice into their life. As with many of my clients, life sometimes gets in the way of getting organized so we are now down to 3 women. Please read on to see how these ladies are clearing the clutter out of their lives.

This week we are focusing on Week 19 in the book.

Organize Your Books, Cds and DVDs

This week I am featuring Linda of Tapas Lifestyle:
In the chapter, “Organize Your Books, CDs & DVDs”, I agree with Jennifer’s thoughts about how a large collection of books, CDs and DVDs can be visually disturbing and overwhelming. She recommends keeping your organization of these items consistent and to use attractive storage. I completely agree with her. When my boyfriend and I moved in together, we had to merge all of our belongings together and figure out a good plan of organizing our books, CDs and DVDs. Please take a look at our interpretation of Jennifer’s ideas. I hope that you get inspired and the ideas will help make your home more organized.

Jennifer helps by outlining the following goals:

  • Gather all of your books, CDs and DVDs from around your house and vehicle
  • Check to make sure each case contains the correct CD or DVD
  • Sort through your books, CDs and DVDs and make the following four piles:
  • Toss, keep, sell/donate, borrowed from someone else
  • Throw away the Toss pile and make arrangements to donate or sell items
  • Schedule time to return borrowed items
  • Divide the Keep books by size. Clean off your bookshelves
  • Sort and organize your CDs and keep in one area of your home
  • Sort and organize your DVDs and keep in one area of your home

We purchased the Expedit Shelving Unit at Ikea ($140) for our office. We like the ability to customize the use of this shelving unit/bookcase. We purchased the Expedit Insert with 2 drawers ($25) and two Knipsa Seagrass Baskets ($17 each) to help organize our belongings.

 books, cds, dvds


To read the rest of Linda’s post and to see pictures of more ideas click here


Read how our other ladies organized their refrigerators this week:

Bonne Donahue of House of Grace

Jennifer Dempsey of Motherthyme

Do you have a large collection of books and music?  How do you keep it all organized?


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