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Organizing Your Dining Room

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Organize Your Dining Room


Organizing your dining room seems like a tough task to tackle for some, but I have some tips that will help you figure this out! One of the first things you should address when you are organizing your dining room, is how are you going to utilize this room? What purpose does it serve? We don’t all utilize our dining rooms in the same ways. Some people use it as a playroom, some use it for hosting regular guests, and some may just use it for a dining area. Whatever your purpose is, you want to get the most out of the space.

Your dining room can serve multiple purposes but you should make sure to keep them separate and distinct. If your children regularly play here, make sure to designate these toys to a certain area or corner of the room. If you host people often, make sure to store everything you need to host parties is close so its functional. Make sure to sort all your dishes, glasses, serving platters, china and candles/candlesticks. Know what you have and what you use and how often, so that it is easily accessed. Evaluate the furniture in your dining room and make sure it works for the space. Also evaluate if the furniture is serving the function you need it to, such as adequate seating. Keep the space peaceful and relaxing.

Here are a few tips for organizing your dining room:

  • Organize your dining room so it fits you. For example, keep a tablecloth handy so you can play games or do crafts with your children.
  • Only keep what you use or love. You don’t have to keep something simply because you inherited it.
  • If you have a center piece on your dining room table, make sure it is low enough for everyone to see over.
  • When you serve meals, keep large serving plates nearby to eliminate clutter and simplify serving.

You can read more about dining room organization and get a copy of my book here.

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