Organize Your Daily Routine

This week we are focusing on Weeks 53 & 54 in the book, Organize Now! a week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life.

Organize Your Daily Routine

This week I am featuring Jennifer Dempsey of Motherthyme.  I can’t wait to make her oatmeal recipe!! Plus, she made printable checklists for you!

Today is week 4 of the Organize Now! Challenge. So far I have featured ideas to organize your Schedule, Cupboards and Closets. This week I am sharing tips and ideas to organize your routine. If you don’t have an organized routine day to day life may be chaotic.

Morning routines can differ from your evening routines.

Organize your routine - morning checklist |

Click HERE to a free print 8 x 10 morning checklist.

~ Have each family member make a list of everything they need to do.
~ Estimate how much time each task takes.

Once that is done review the list and check to see if everything needs to be done in the morning. Is there more time in your evening routine to allow for something to be done in the evening instead?

Save time in your morning routine by making lunches, checking homework, packing bags, getting outfits ready and ironed if needed the night before to save time in the morning routine.

~ Prepare easy breakfasts. Breakfast is essential in the mornings and you should always take a few minutes to eat breakfast. Check out the recipe for Overnight Steel Cut Oats which you can have ready for you in the morning to enjoy with yogurt for a healthy and satisfying breakfast.

To read the rest of Jennifer’s post and to print an evening checklist click here

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How are you doing with the Organize Now Challenge?  Did you find the information in this week’s posts helpful?

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  1. JenniferFordBerry
    JenniferFordBerry says:


    Thanks for the comment! Consider using a timer, like Time Timer, to help you get things done. You can set it and tell yourself you can’t do anything else for (say 30 minutes) and then you reward yourself with a 10 minute break to do what you wish. SOOO many of my clients have a hard time focusing. A professional organizer is just like a focus coach…they keep you accountable and will not let you get off track! I do that constantly for my clients. Consider doing a google search to find a PO in your area. Good luck!

  2. Vicki M. Taylor
    Vicki M. Taylor says:

    I need an organizer to organizer my organizing. I’m a bit OCD and I have the same routine down pretty good. But, I also am Bipolar with a slew of other disorders so am distracted sometimes. I’ll be on the right path, then, bam, I get a Goodreads e-mail, or a tweet, and then I lift up my head and I’ve spent 40 minutes browsing books on Goodread or reading hundreds of tweets that didn’t need to be read. Focus. That’s what I need, a focus coach! Got one of those in your pocket? 🙂 Followed you from SITS sharefest. Have a blessed day!

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