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9 Tips to Organize Your Email

organize email

It is very ironic that I am blogging about organizing your email this week when for the last three days I have been dealing with email problems. The server for one of my email accounts did an upgrade and I have been missing emails for days. What a nightmare! Unfortunately I don’t have any tips to keep this from happening but I do have some tips for helping you keep your email organized once it arrives in your inbox.

With three different email accounts to check, I am constantly answering emails and working to keep them all organized. I have tried a few different services to see which works best for me.

What email service are you currently using?

What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it?

With so many services available on the world wide web I am surprised there aren’t more email services to choose from. I personally love the features of Gmail because I can access my accounts from any computer.

No matter what service you use, one of the most crucial points of keeping your email organized, is organizing the time that you look at your emails and deal with them.

If you work on your computer for most of the day it is hard to not check those emails that come in as soon as you hear that little “DING”. This is a big waste of time because it distracts you from the task at hand. Try to limit the amount of time you check your email throughout the day.

It will also save you tons of time if you forward all of your accounts to one inbox. Don’t waste time checking email on more than one server if you can help it. Forward them all to the same place.

Organize Your Email

If you are one of those people that rarely checks your email then this week will be easy for you. But, if you are someone like me that relies heavily on email on a daily basis this week could be a little more challenging.

  • This week’s goal is to organize a system for your email that works for you.

  • Start by setting goals for yourself of when you will check your email. Will it be once a day? Once an hour? Or once every 30 minutes? Whatever it is stick with this goal.

  • Start by going through your inbox and delete all e-mails you do not need.

  • Then set up folders within your inbox for your email. Categories may include business and personal, To Do for emails that need follow ups, Save…. Set up folders that you will actually use.

  • Don’t get into the trap of opening the same email over and over. After you open an email the first time-make a decision! Will you answer it now? If not, place it in one of your designated folders. . Remember the 3 D’s each time you open an email to help you take care of it then:

            1) Do It

            2) Delete It

            3) Delegate It

Organizing Tip of the Day

* Take advantage of the “block sender” and “junk e-mail list” options. It is like junk snail mail-eliminate as much as possible BEFORE it gets in your mailbox.

* If you receive an email that you need to answer but don’t currently have the time to type it, hit “reply” and save it to your drafts folder.

*Be careful with the words that you choose in an email. Much like texting, your words lack your expression behind it. This may result in a completely different interpretation.

* NEVER send out an email to a mass of people without using BCC. This is a big no no in the emailosphere.


I have heard about this new resource but have not tried it yet. Have you?

Postbox — based on technology developed by Mozilla — is aimed at users looking for new ways to organize, locate and use the data that’s sent to them by e-mail. The software will automatically detect, analyze and catalog all that data, whether it’s text, documents, images or Web site URLs. Postbox then builds a searchable catalog that can help you retrieve or navigate to that data when you need it.

Happy Organizing

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