Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

Welcome to the Organize Now Challenge!

This week we are focusing on Week 30 in the book, Organize Now! a week-by-week guide to simplify your space and your life.

Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

This week I am featuring Linda of Tapas Lifestyle:

In the chapter, “Organize Your Medicine Cabinet”, Jennifer starts off by stating that this should be a quick and easy week and I agree. Here are some of her tips that I implemented when organizing my medicine cabinet:

Jennifer helps by outlining the following goals:

  • Empty your medicine cabinet and toss expired prescriptions and nonprescription medicines
  • Keep like items together
  • To maximize your space, organize remaining items by height. Move shelves around if necessary
  • Once the items are grouped by size, organize them by categories, keeping like things together whenever possible
  • Take inventory of the medicine and supplies you have and make a not of any staples you need to purchase
  • Make sure all child-proof caps are secure
  • A magnetic strip on the inside of a medicine cabinet is a great way to store tweezers, scissors and nail clippers

I wanted to add a little inspiration to the start of my morning, so I used the back side of the door of the medicine cabinet to put inspirational pictures and quotes.

I installed a cabinet in the bathroom that I purchased from Target years ago to house perfumes, lotions and bathing products.

lotions cabinet

To read the rest of Linda’s post and to see pictures of more ideas click here

Read how our other ladies organized their medicine cabinets this week:

Pamela Dayton of the Dayton Times

Bonnie Donahue of House of Grace

Jennifer Dempsey of Motherthyme

Where do you keep all of your medicine? In the bathroom. kitchen, a bedroom?  When is the last time you check for expired medication?


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2 replies
  1. JenniferFordBerry
    JenniferFordBerry says:

    Hi Bel,
    Thank you for your feedback. It is great to hear about another storage space that works for medication. In organizing, there is not always a right or wrong way of organizing as long as it works in your life it is a good system. It is so great to share your system!

  2. Bel
    Bel says:

    I think all your ideas are inspirational and motivational and I thank you for them. I keep my medications and over the counter medications in a safe drawer high in my dinning room. I would keep them in my bedroom but I take them downstairs twice a day and it works better for me to store them there. I don’t keep them in a bathroom because steam from the shower can eventually get into them and ruin their efficency but a half bath without steam it wouldn’t be bad. I LOVE you idea of a second cabinate to use for lotions and perfumes etc. How clever is that. Nice. Thanks for all your helpful ideas.

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