Organize Your Profession Message

Organize Your Professional Message

  Organize Your Profession Message

The word “message” can have a lot of different meanings. The message I’m referring to in this week is your professional message. It’s what makes you or your business different from everyone else. What can you offer that will help you stand out in the crowd? What do you want people to know about you or your business? Once you identify what your message is, you will want to communicate it quickly and make it stick in people’s minds?

A business owner can immediately see the benefits of having a clear message, but how does a message help someone in the corporate world or workforce? A message will help you sell you in professional circles. When you network or interview for a job you’ll be able to share a short, memorable message about yourself that will stick in peoples mind.

Identifying your message may seem intimidating, but in my own life, I’ve found that if you can identify your purpose, creating and transmitting your message will be simple. Let’s get started.

 3  Goals for this Week:

 1. Interview five people with whom you network or do business. Ask them why they network or do business with you. If you are not yet doing business with someone ask a mentor or close friend.  Better yet ask someone that is working in the field you dream of working in!  Ask them to identify what attracts them to you. Ask them what they think your unique qualities are.

2. Write down everything that you think is unique about you.  Decide on and commit to a unique position that still aligns with your personal values and priorities. Think creatively. How can you do things different, and better, than someone else. It may be as simple as letting more of your personality shine through.

3. Create a marketing purpose statement. This should be the way you want to be perceived in plain English—not a polished marketing message. It should state why you do what you do—your purpose—so you refer to it when you ask yourself “Am I on my purpose?”. 


tipoftheday* To come up with a great message consider: a problem you solve, a unique habit, your values, ways you provide great customer service or a memorable personality.

* Before you launch a new message, test it out with trusted colleagues, your mentor, and select people in your networking group. Be sure to include the five people you interviewed. Ask for honest feedback.  


Here’s an example of my marketing purpose statement as a professional organizer: “I don’t just want to help people get organized I want to help them realize that clutter is preventing them from living the lives they were born to live. I want my services to be the lifeline they need and deserve”

* I share more tips and resources on this topic in my upcoming book: Organize Now! Think and Live Clutter Free: A Week-by-Week Action Plan for a Happier, Healthier Life

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