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Pantry Organization: For A Busy Mom’s Life

Pantry Crashers  Another segment of Pantry Crashers is here!  

This time we crash busy mom, Jessi Boardman’s pantry.  As you will see she is not over joyed about this at first but she soob gets super excited about the end result!

Being a mom puts a whole new spin on organizing a pantry because this means you have more people to feed and because this means more people are in and out of your pantry on a daily basis. (= more mess!)

So if you are tired of your pantry looking like a tornado touched down…this is a video you must watch!

Organizing Tip of the Day In this segment of Pantry Crashers I discuss the following pantry organization tips for busy moms:

Tip #1 Keep treats and snacks for the kids at their height level so that they can easily grab what they need.

Tip #2 Inexpensive plastic containers work great for snacks.

Tip #3 Use clear storage containers for items like: crackers, cereal and chips.

Tip #4 Use the top shelf for items that are currently off limits (like doubles of items that are already opened)

Tip #5 Always shop from your own pantry before you go to the grocery store.     This will help you use up what you have and not over buy.

Tip #6 Place all like items together.

Tip #7 Keep canned good together in rows. Always put your newest can in the back of the row.

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