Party Planning Made Easy

* This is a guest post by Kristi of Moms

Are you starting to plan your holiday party with friends and family?  Or is that on next weeks list to start planning? 

Either way we look at it, the holidays are coming fast and that means it is time time to get out our handy dandy planners.  Start planning your party early and have fun with it!  No stress allowed…

When it comes to planning a holiday party, you have to know what style of party you are going to have first.  My rule of thumb is to envision what your party will look like before the invitations are even mailed out.  Take into account how much time you have in your day to plan and prep for the big day before making any decision on the best party style.  You have to figure out what works for you so you can have fun too!

Here are three easy holiday party ideas that not only reduce stress, but take minimal effort on the party day:

1. Host a potluck

Decorate your home, prepare one dish for the party and invite friends to join the party by bringing a dish to share with everyone.  Who doesn’t love trying a new recipe?  I know I do! 

 2.  Start preparing meals early

Prepare meals ahead of time and freeze them in microwave or oven safe cookware to get your meal on the day with ease.  If your making a one dish meal   for your dinner before, make a second one to share at your holiday party with your friends!

 3. Step away from the stove

I love hosting parties, but do not like hanging out over the stove for hours on end the day of our parties.  Save time and stress by preordering pre-made deli, veggie, and fruit trays for a simply appetizer for party-goers to enjoy as a snack!

Since the holidays are jam packed with parties, make sure as many people attend your party by sending your invitation early.  You can’t have a party without people! My recommendation is to send invitations at least one month from the date of the party so your friends and family can mark their calendars.


Relax and enjoy the festivities with you friends and family!


Kristi divulges her favorite household tips and fires up the stove to share fabulous family recipes at  Moms Confession.  She lives in her flip flops year round with her husband and two preteen boys in Houston, TX.  Strike up a conversation on Google+ and share your favorite recipes too!

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