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Jennifer is available for private coaching via phone and email.  

Do you need a little help with things like priority management, organization and goal setting?

Jennifer has been helping people with these very issues, and so much more, for over 12 years. Now you can access her no matter where you live in the United States!

Ask Jennifer your most pressing questions about organizing, she will help you with goal setting and accountability, time management and even help you tackle the inner clutter that is preventing you from living the life of your dreams.

United States residents only.  $25.00/ per 45 minute call

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You have changed my life forever!

I respect your point of view, directions and opinions so much, Jennifer. I know I am intense when we talk ~ because it is such an intense topic, for me, for a myriad of reasons. Still, you are always patient with me and absolutely honest. You say the tough things I need to hear, and praise my persistence and encourage me to carry on. So often I have to trust you because I cannot “see” that what you see is possible. I never, ever, ever, ever believed, really, that my friendly living area would be this easy to maintain, and so homey and comfortable.

I have always wanted to have a home where people could come over, and I have this for the first time of my life, and it is not a one-time fluke but more of a lifestyle change. I could have an unexpected visitor and it would be fine!

You have changed my whole life. I cannot thank you enough, Jennifer.

With the deepest gratitude,