Quick Tips for Organizing for Hurricane Sandy!


Hurricane Sandy is on her way! You can never be too organized or prepared for a natural disaster.  Here are some quick tips to help you be ready to go once the storm hits:

  • Get up to a two week supply of emergency equipment
  • Make a hurricane kit; If it’s portable, even better! (food, water, can opener, first aid kit, weather ready clothing/shoes, batteries, blankets, medicines, ect.)
  • Make sure you are aware of all evacuation routes
  • Evaluate what you need versus what you want
  • Make a list of emergency contacts and family information
  • Keep a copy of all certificates (birth, marriage, auto, home, etc.)
  • Move irreplaceable items to a safe place where they cannot be destroyed

Remember to be as safe as possible when dealing with any natural disaster.  Tangible items can be replaced but our loved ones can’t.



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