5 Ways to Make Your Home a Reflection of Your Best Self


If I were to walk into your home today what would I learn about you? 

Every home tells a story about the people who live there.  Shouldn’t your story be the reflection of your BEST self or your BEST family?

When every nook and cranny of your home is full of stuff there’s no room for new opportunities to enter your home or your life. When it comes to decorating an inspiring home, less is more. Too much of anything will make things look cluttered. Above all, you should feel comfortable in your home.  I have included some steps you can take to create the best home for you and your family.

5 Goals For This Week

1. Make a conscious choice to be intentional about what you bring into your home. If you are not 95 percent positive that you will love something or use it, wait one week before you purchase it. Even after you make the purchase, hang onto the receipt for a month after you bring it in the door.

2. Update the family photos in the house.  Are they current? Do they represent who you are now?  Or who your family is?  For example, maybe you have family portraits that are missing one or more of your children.  If I walked into your home today could I get a good picture of all the members in your family?

3. Place something special in your entryway that tells guests who you are, what you believe in or what is important to you.  This could be a sign with your family name on it, an inspiring quote, the “family mission statement” or even a wall of artwork your children have created.

4.  Cut down on the amount of decorative clutter you have in the room.  Then highlight a few of your favorite pieces.  Too many things in a room start to make it difficult for any one or two things to truly stand out.

5.  Listen to your heart when you are decorating instead of strictly going by the latest trends in home magazines.  Consider adding a couple of DIY projects that are unique pieces.  Check out your local consignment stores for items that aren’t being sold in the usual home decor stores.

 Organizing Tip of the Day

* Instead of wasting time wishing you lived in a different home spend your energy making your home the best it can be. I believe that the universe will not bring you a bigger, nicer home until you prove that you can take care of the one you are in.

* Make sure your home reflects your personality of you and your family members. Listen to your heart when you are decorating instead of strictly following the latest trends in home magazines.

* Inviting guests into your home will motivate you to clean and organize.

Time for Reflection:

As many of you may know, (if you follow my blog) my husband and I had the privilege of building a home from the ground up recently.  At times it was an overwhelming and stressful experience. But there is nothing more inspiring that living in a home that we created from scratch with our own ideas and tastes.  This is our third home. The first was built but we were only able to pick out the interiors.  The second was an older home that we had to remodel.  My idea of a nurturing/inspiring home is one that is cozy, organized, filled with nature and natural light, one where our children, family and friends always feel welcome. One that is clutter free: only filled with items we LOVE or USE.  This makes it easier to focus on what life is truly about.

 I want to point out here that bigger homes are not always better.  We live in a society that tells us if you have a big home you have “made” it.  Many people can not handle the responsibility and maintenance that comes with having a lot of space.  If you are a person that does not find cleaning, organizing and projects enjoyable it may be time for a smaller home.  

Jennifer Ford Berry

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  1. Michael
    Michael says:

    Some of my friends don’t like their homes instead of going home they just wander from one place to another and go home late at night. I too believe home is the most comfortable place no matter where you go but in the end home is the place where you get peace.

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