Saying Goodbye to My Aunt and Uncle


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I am not one for funerals but I am one for celebrating people’s life and recognizing them for what they have meant to me and honoring them for this.

My Aunt Peggy passed away last May after almost a year’s worth of battle against lung cancer. 6 weeks later my Uncle Don passed away.  We said goodbye to both of them yesterday in a burial ceremony followed by a family brunch.  They did not want a big “to do” when they passed, so the family honored those wishes.  However, being someone that has spoken at many loved ones funerals I feel strongly that I need to honor my aunt and uncle, in my own words, before I can move on in this life.  Here goes:

Aunt Peggy, wow a woman who has made a profound impact on my life.  She never had children of her own but my cousin was her step-son.  She told me many times that I was “her own”.  That meant the world to me. To think that she loved me as much as she would have loved her very own flesh and blood!

From the time I was little, I remember my Aunt making an effort to make me feel special and loved. I remember being so excited when I was little each time she visited from Colorado.  My Aunt has been a HUGE influence in my life.    She ALWAYS made me feel like I was the smartest, prettiest, most amazing person…she had that way.  She was truly a one of a kind. SO giving and SO thoughtful.  Not a birthday or Christmas (until this last birthday) has gone by throughout my entire life when a special package/card wasn’t in my mailbox from 1600 miles away….pretty awesome!  She will live in our hearts forever and I know I can still talk to her when I need to.  I hope she will be listening from a place a thousand times better than this.

My Uncle Don was a man of few words but I know he loved me and my children. He chose to take care of my aunt while she was dying at home. That takes a very special person.  He was my Dad’s oldest brother, a Veteran and lover of John Deere tractors!  We were absolutely shocked to find out that he passed only 6 short weeks after my aunt.  I will never forget the day when a package arrived for my son…my uncle passing on his treasured John Deere tractor collectibles to him.  I hope he knew how special that made Bryceton feel.

Part of an email from my Uncle on the day that his wife went to Heaven (I am sharing this because I think it can have a profound impact on anyone who reads it):


“One final thought, be sure before you go to bed tonight, to give everyone you love or are close to, a hug and let them know you love them, because tomorrow may be too late”.
Thank you for that advice Uncle Don. Although we have lost many, we remain a tight, loving pack! I am so thankful for that and for you and Aunt Peg. I thank you for the love you have shown us and for bringing Peg into our family.
My hope is that you both know how much you were loved.
Forget goodbye…Until we meet again…I love you!
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