Simplify Your Holidays Challenge

Simplify your holidays in just 45 days

Simplify Your Holidays Challenge
Is the mere thought of the upcoming holidays making you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, guilty and quite frankly stressed the hell out?

Does the idea of escaping it all and landing on a remote island appeal to you?

In a world jammed with cutesy DIY projects, photos of gift wrap themes and scrumptious recipes which flooding the internet, it’s no wonder our holiday “to-do list” has gotten out of control!

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Organizing Experts, Grace Brooke and Jennifer Ford Berry are known for their tough love” and “good enough is the new perfect” approach to simplifying, organizing and being more productive in less amount of time.

In this challenge you will learn how to:

1. Get real about your expectations.

Design your own holiday experience without the pressures of the media.

2. Develop a holiday vision that is unique to your family.

Sit down as a family to plan out the things you want to do during the holidays and more importantly the things you don’t want to do.

3. Opt out of the “Perfect-Holiday-Card” contest.

Do you notice how everyone is trying to come up with the designer holiday card. A snap shot from last summer’s vacation is good enough! (The NEW perfect).

4. Quit being a grouch and start being grateful.

Stop complaining about what still needs to be done and start being grateful for all of your blessings and accomplishments.

5. Stop cluttering up your friends’ and family’s homes!

Give them the gift of an experience, a memory that they will enjoy and cherish forever.

6. Stop being Martha Stewart and start getting drunk with the rest of them!

Make it more about getting together and less about weeks
of preparation. Good food and good company is what it’s all about.

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If you are ready to stop the holiday insanity and enjoy a CALM, PEACEFUL, ORGANIZED holiday season, sign up now for the:

45 Day Simplify Your Holidays Organizing Challenge

November 1st – December 15th

Register Today!

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