Spring Organizing Tips

Yesterday I appeared on the Winging It, Buffalo Style show.  I talked about tips and tricks you can do to help you get your home ready for Spring.  Here are some of the Spring Organizing Tips  that I mentioned on the show:

  • Come up w a plan: one room per week etc. Make a checklist!
  • Pair down so you can clean less during the summer: less knick knacks, picture frames, throw pillows, stuff on the kitchen counter, maybe remove window treatments.  Set up your home as simple as possible for the summer months so that you spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying the nice weather!
  • Ask for help! If you can afford it hire someone.  Otherwise make it a family project.  Explain to the kids that the more we complete now the more time for fun we will have over the summer.
  • Spring Cleaning Tips:
    • Furniture coasters: great for moving those big pieces so that you can clean behind them.
    • online slots font-size: 16px;”>Wool light: to wash curtains Tip: hang them outside to dry and they will be easier to iron.
    • Leave the bathroom light off when you are wiping the mirrors (less streaks).
    • Mr. Clean Erasers: doors, baseboards…I love these little guys!
    • Clean cobwebs with a broom and an old T-shirt for great results.
    • Clean your washing machine: 2 cups bleach in hot water run through a cycle. Then 2 cups of vinegar in hot water and run this through another cycle.
    • Clean your stove burners: Place ¼ cup of ammonia and the burners in a zip lock bag over night. The fumes from the ammonia will leave them sparkling clean!
    • Clean your refrigerator: baking soda and warm water for a fresh clean smell.
    • Open the windows: nothing smells more like spring than fresh air!

 Jennifer Ford Berry

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Hi there! I am Jennifer Ford Berry or some people like to call me "Life's Organization Expert". I am super passionate about helping people get organized and stay that way! I have written a series of books called Organize Now! I contribute my organizing tips to National magazines, radio and TV shows. I am here to help you realize that your life is not about stuff...it is about living! YOU can live an organized, healthy and exciting life one baby step at a time. Let me show you how!

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