Stop Planning and Start Doing!

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Entrepreneurs are busy! But sometimes you just need to stop planning and start doing!

We are involved in so many things over the course of each day that it’s sometimes hard to get anything actually done.  And you know what I find…it’s the really important things that never get finished.  These tend to be the things that will have the biggest impact on my business’ long-term growth.  

As Stephen Covey, the author of “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”, says, we tend to be drawn to urgent tasks, answering client email, writing today’s newsletter or getting pulled in hundreds of directions from a simple web search, yet we don’t get around to “not urgent tasks” like creating a marketing plan or making sales calls.  

The problem is that we spend our time putting out fires which never would have started had we done the big projects in the first place.

Your business may be getting along okay without having this project done, but you know that doing it will make such a difference in you, your business and your bottom line.  

What has been on your to-do list for what seems like forever now?

Sales calls?  

Redoing your website?  

Bringing your inbox to zero?

Writing the copy for a series of emails?  

Laying out a new program along with a sales page?

 Writing the outline of your book?

It’s time to finally get it done!

I’d like to invite you to a program: Finally Get It Done Program.  It’s a live virtual program.  It’s FREE and I am one of the guest speakers.  

speaker_image 500-500

This is not another program where you will get lots of information that will end up sitting on your desk waiting for you to get around to doing it.  Sure you will get information; however, the idea is for you to use that information during the two days we will be working together to help you to finish your project.

There is no cost to the event, but you do need to register to attend.

It will be streamed live to your computer from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm ET April 2-3.  

You can find out more here 

If there are tasks you would like to cross off your To Do List consider joining me in”>this program!

Jennifer Ford Berry

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Hi there! I am Jennifer Ford Berry or some people like to call me "Life's Organization Expert". I am super passionate about helping people get organized and stay that way! I have written a series of books called Organize Now! I contribute my organizing tips to National magazines, radio and TV shows. I am here to help you realize that your life is not about is about living! YOU can live an organized, healthy and exciting life one baby step at a time. Let me show you how!

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