Get Organized and Stay Sane During the Holidays



Get organized and stay sane during the holidays!

Christmas is less than a week away!  Are you ready?  Have you been enjoying this amazing season?

This truly is my favorite time of year.  I don”t feel stressed out or overwhelmed but I have to admit I don”t think that is the norm.  Most people I know completely loose sight of what this season is truly about. Where is the magic?? Of course we are all affected by commercialism but we can CHOOSE to take a step back and take control of how we spend the month of December. The answer is not more, more, more.   Obviously, I think being organized can affect how you feel about this time of year.

So here are some of my tips for staying sane during the Christmas season:

– Every year I have a personal goal of having 85% of my shopping and wrapping done by Thanksgiving.  This may seem extreme but by setting this goal I usually hit it.  I shop all year so that makes this easier.

– I order my holiday cards on black friday weekend (great deals).  I don”t pressure myself by having to get a “holiday themed family photo” I just use my favorite photos from throughout the year.

– Every year my husband and I host a holiday wine tasting party for our closest friends so we decorate the house right around Thanksgiving.  The weather is usually nice for my husband to play “Clark” and by starting early on the inside I get to take my time and make sure it is all set for the party.

– At the end of November I check the internet for dates and holiday events that I want to do as a family and I mark all the dates in my planner.  To best online casino me this is how we can experience the magic of the season.  I also make sure I write down the dates of my kids” school parties and holiday performances.  This way when other invitations or requests come in we can say no because we have already claimed the dates that are important to us as a family.

– I stock up my pantry early so I don”t have to waste time rushing around for last minute ingredients when I need to bring a dish to pass.

-I sort and purge the kids” toys weeks before Christmas so that I have room to put away their new gifts after the holidays.

– Each year I try to come up with a way for our family to give our time, not just material goods.  This year our children made cards for all of the elderly people, in a nursing home where my mother-in-law works, that will not have family come visit them.  Does your family do things like this? I am always looking for new ideas!

– Watch a Christmas movie (yes I love the cheesy ones) and/or read a Christmas book each night.

   What are some of the ways you stay organized and sane during the holidays?