What To Do With Deep Bathroom Cabinets


I love your book – I hope to be organized one day soon!! I have cabinets in my bathroom that are deep and I want to get the best use out of them. I put my make up and lotions, but things always end up in the back and forgotten. I am thinking maybe I should make this my linen closet and use the other closet that is more shallow to put my make up and lotions in. The more shallow closet is right beside the shower, so that is why I keep towels in there. The deeper closet is next to the bathroom counter, so that is why I keep my make up in there. It is a tiny bathroom…I just feel like I am wasting space. I wanted to see what you had to say before I went out and bought any containers to put my items in for the deeper closet. Any suggestions?

Thank you!

Jen H


Hi Jennifer,

Thank you for your email. 

Anytime you have deep cabinets you want to place items in some sort of storage container so that you can easily pull items out.  Such as clear, plastic drawers…I love these because you can stack them as high as you need and they are cheap!  You could also use baskets or the plastic baskets with a handle.  This way you can grab the container and pull it up to eye level.

However, I do like the idea of splitting up the bathroom a little just to maximize space. For example, you could keep one shelf of towels and then place the rest of them on one side of the cabinet. That should hopefully free up one or two shelves for beauty products and lotions.  The best part about that will be that the products you use most can be at eye level.

Tip: when using shelves always place smallest items at eye level.

Remember, there is no ONE way to organize. Make the space work for you! 

Happy Organizing,