Organize For Fall

Our woods last year, one of my favorite pictures ever!
I love fall.  As with every change of season, you want to get your life and home organized for what is to come.  This is the time of year when we want to organize for a cozy season, one in which we spend more time indoors.  Prepare for spending quite time snuggling up with a good book or a loved one.  Prepare your home for the upcoming holiday season (don’t wait until it is knocking on the door there will be too many other things to do).   I always love to entertain even more during the fall and winter. Something about having friends and family over to share a glass of wine while the kids play in the cozy house.  I am looking forward to this fall more than ever because it is our first one spent in our new home! I am so ready to organize for fall.
Fall is a good time to:
  • Start stocking up on medicines and vitamins that you use more during the fall and winter months.  Go through and toss all expired medications. You should also stock up on Kleenex.
  • While you are decorating, clear out any fall decor that you no longer love or use.
  • Make sure you have all your school supplies for the year and a home for every item that your children use for school. (more on this topic coming this week)
  • Switch your closets from your summer wardrobe to your fall wardrobe.  Again, clear out anything that you no longer love or feel good in.
  • Get your heating system checked and ducts cleaned if needed.  This year was the first time we ever cleaned our ducts (probably not a good thing).  You would think this is the last thing we would need to do in a new house but I was worried that all that dry wall dust from building, would blow out! I have finally cleaned most of that dust out of here so the last thing I want to do is add more!
  • Pack up things outside that you don’t want left out in the snow.
  • Wash the windows. You are going to spend months looking out of them to now is the time to make them shine.
  • Take out as much garbage and recycling as possible.  It is much easier to haul out now then when there is a foot of snow or when it is cold and rainy.
  • Clean out your vehicle.  Make sure you have an emergency kit in there that includes a warm blanket. Check the oil and schedule any maintenance appointments that are needed. I know it’s early but why wait until the snow is already flying?
  • Toss out candles you will never use and stock up on the smells that make you happy.
  • Organize a reading nook. Include a comfy chair, a throw and a cute basket for books.

What ways are you getting ready for fall?