Organizing Gifts After Christmas

Are you overwhelmed by the Christmas presents spread out all over your house today? I was this morning! There were literally presents spread from one side of our house to the other when I woke up today. I hadn’t even had my coffee and the kids were already asking me to open this box, and put toy together and play this game and the list goes on and on. Yes, it is overwhelming when this much new stuff comes into your home at once.

Here are 4 steps that will assist you in organizing all those gifts after Christmas is over:

1) Condense: Get rid of all those boxes you do not need. I usually save some for birthdays and holidays coming up, but only the best ones. The rest I get rid of. If you are leaving gifts out for a while, then designate a certain area of a room to keep them. It is much less overwhelming if these items are condensed to one space in your home.

2) Categorize: Sort presents into categories. Ex: based on each family member, toys vs clothes, gifts for the kitchen, decor that needs the right spot etc. And don’t forget to start a “return” pile if needed.

3) Control: Set a limit for your children on how many toys they can have out at once. Usually one at a time is best so that you don’t lose important pieces and there is not too much clutter. It’s OK they don’t have to play with every single toy on the first day!

4) Consider: Is there something that is too old for your child right now? Consider returning it or putting it away before they open the box. Do you like everything you received? Does it fit? Why keep presents that we will not use? It just adds to more clutter in your house. Also, before you are tempted to hit the after Christmas sales at the mall nearby-consider this-do you really need more stuff or do you just like the thought of getting a good deal?