Product Review: Sibu Facial Cleanser

About 6 months ago I was asked to try a new facial product called Sibu.  I am always willing to try new products when I am approached.  But, I only write about products on here that I have personally used.  So… I have been using this facial cleanser for the past six months and I finally feel ready to talk about it.  Here goes…I LOVE it!  The first thing I love about it is the smell.  The sea buckthorn berries, that this is made of, smell so sweet and fresh…a nice scent to wake up to when I wash my face.  The second thing I love about it is that this product is 100% natural!!!  But most importantly it works.  My skin feels soft and smooth when I use this product.  I like how it exfoliates with tiny crystals not big huge ones like some cleansers.  Plus, there is no residue left on my face and it is excellent at removing makeup.  I have tried many facial cleansers over the years and this one is definitely one that I will continue using.

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