Open Letter to Our Daughter! {we now have a teenager}


open letter

Well, it’s official…I am old enough to have a TEENAGER!!! I simply can’t believe it.  I have thought about this day for 13 years since they placed my beautiful daughter in my arms in a hospital room in Gastonia, NC. I could hardly contain my excitement that first night holding her and realizing what my life would be now that I had a little girl to call my own!!!


We have done A LOT of celebrating this week for this special day. We included a friend birthday party, a family trip to the mall with dinner and surprise birthday party for her immediate family! Phew, I am exhausted! As a special gift for her I asked the women in her life to answer the following three questions:

What makes Randsley special?

What is one of your favorite memories with Randsley?

What advice can you give her for her teen years?

It was the most amazing gift and I was completely touched by the memories and advice for my daughter from Grandmas, Aunts, Cousins, Teachers and Friends…advice that she can re-read many times throughout her life.  Here is just my part:

Since the time your personality started showing I could tell that God gave you some very unique qualities. 

When you were really small I realized that you were born as “an old soul”.  This just means that you know things others might not know so young.  Your compassion for others, your generous heart, your love for your family and friends and your faith in God all make you very, very special.  I am so proud of your manners and the way you act at in public.  I am SO proud of how hard you work in school.

I have SO many favorite memories….

The day you were born and they placed you in my arms in my hospital room. I was finally awake enough to have it set in that I had a daughter and what that meant to me!  I just cried with joy!  Another favorite was the time you were in the Miss Teen Buffalo Pageant and they asked you “who is the most inspirational person if your life and why” and you said me!! I was SO touched and honored!  It was the nicest thing anyone ever said about me!  Oh and I loved the night we laid in a lawn chair together in the Keys watching the dolphins and talking about life-just you and I J

My advice for your teen years is this:

Never let another person define who you are or cause you to doubt how amazing and wonderful you are.  If friends or a boyfriend ever try to do this, you should immediately notice the huge warning sign that they do not really love you.  REAL friends always want the best for you even if something you have is better than what they have.  REAL friends will always encourage you and never try to bring you down.  

God puts people in our path for many reasons and for different seasons. Some of your friends at this time in your life will be in your life forever and some will not and that is OK! You are going to meet and spend time with A LOT of  different people in your life so enjoy them, learn from them and sometimes be ok with letting them go.

Try not to let arguments and disappointments get the best of you.  When you face the hard times during your teen years my best advice is to say your prayers, give it to God and ask that HIS WILL be done in your life.  If you ask God for his guidance, throughout your life, I can promise you that everything will turn out OK!

There may be times when you are not happy with what Daddy and I say over the next few years or the rules that we put in place.

But, please know that our main responsibility is to keep you safe, healthy and to guide you in the best way we know how.  You can talk with me about ANYTHING.  I will never judge you and I will always do my best to hear your opinions and no matter what I will love you UNCONDITIONALLY!

I hope you cherish this gift forever. You are beyond blessed to have all of these amazing ladies in your life who love you and support you.  My wish is that you will take their advice to heart.  I hope that in times of sadness or confusion you will pull this out, read it and be reminded of how important you are to all of us!

open letter

I love you to Heaven and back! 



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